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Videogame characters in real life

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This is such a great thread, some of these are amazing, especially the earlier ones! I just don't have time to contribute though.

Some of you are getting dangerously close to 'Video Game Scenes with Real Life Backgrounds' instead of the subtly of the original images.



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Thread continues to deliver. I love Dimahoo's Night Driver and Pow's Strider...fuck it, they're all amazing.

I think that was one of the more "real life in videogame" ones and Uridium was crap, but i tried to look for something with Bas relief and that Death Star was the closest thing.

I'm not sure everyone got the Moon Patrol Joke though.

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Trying to be a bit more 'characters in real life' than special editions...


I know mine aren't great but I'm trying to use gimp which I don't know how to use, no idea how to get layers to work and using a touchpad on a netbook, it's just for the fun of it.

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