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Pandemic Legacy S1


Well this was fun. Made you destroy things/adapt board pretty early on and has veered away from "A game of Pandemic" pretty quickly. Failed one month once and then aced the second.

Most annoyingly one of the "dossiers" of sealed stickers was printed upside down, so is unusable. That's going to make it very hard (impossible?) to play later on. We had to look up one rule as it wasn't behind the door it should be. 


(Jan and Feb spoilers)

Hermes 37, Ms Bland, Dr Candice Kane and Resus Ann tried first.

We got obliterated when the Black Cubes became CoDa. Some back luck and some poor choices saw the entire of western Asia chain outbreak ending our game. And adding so many stickers! Ms Bland got 2 scars! 

Knowing what would happen, and switching out Ms Bland for Captain Kling - we smashed through it, managing to eliminate the red disease...named Bursting Burgandy Boils.


For February Hermes' "Auntie No Go" [the quarantine specialist] turned up. They quickly got the Middle East locked down, and the rest pottered about keeping things under control. No diseases were eliminated, but we have 2 more research stations added to the board!

Have to wait for a replacement dossier before starting March


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