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Red Dwarf


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I understand that they no longer have a BBC budget, but surely it must be easier to make a decent costume these days? Look at the body of the new one compared to the old one, it's shit!


I had a thought before that produced a small erection: Red Dwarf by Telltale Games.

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Christ if they can't afford a kryten suit just have him as a human, it doesn't really matter anymore, just write it off and let robert llewylin-however-the-fuck-you-spell-it just have some fun.


I did  few episodes of red dwarf X last night. Pretty painful. If they want Lister sat on a sofa then just have them back on Earth and living in a flat and go full men behaving badly / game on / spaced / peepshow / everything else


God they're so old. Why haven't they committed suicide by now if this was genuinely their reality.

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51 minutes ago, PK said:

Red Dwarf hasn't really felt like Red Dwarf since the end of series 6.  They said To Be Continued, but they lied :(



Oh, absolutely. Series 7 was more a sci-fi drama than a comedy. It has some good ideas, but it wasn't Red Dwarf.

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