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Didn't know where else to put this, is there a 1v1 discussion thread somewhere?

What's the punishment from going AWOL or quitting in general?

League 1 looks a right mess from all the drop outs and I’m sure whilst some of them will have good reasons. Allot will be because their getting beaten or don't like the team they picked or any other number of garbage excuses.

Do these people get let back in the league if they add themselves to the waiting list?

My opinion would be that all quitters should be reviewed before being allowed back in and if they have a history of quitting should be refused entry. If they are allowed back they should be placed in the conference and be given last pick for 3 seasons as punishment.

Sorry for the rant, reminds me of quitters on live who runaway on fifa when you go 1-0 up....... :blah:

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will there be another season before the new fifa is out? cos its abit of a wait

Nope, there isn't long enough to fit in a full season so we're having a break until FIFA12 hits.

As Al says, Steely is doing a transfer league thing, but I don't know if he's taking people on as it started a couple of weeks ago.

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I'm sure it's been discussed before and there's procedure for admins reporting problem players to Mike at the end of the season. But as it tends to be players who've left completely I think it probably gets missed. I always look where a player was last in the league when someone rejoins but it's hard to spot when players have quit. It can be for all sorts of reasons as Mike mentioned yesterday, so it's hard to apply anything across the board.

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