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U.S Box Office Report of 2010!


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Epic post.

I always enjoy reading these end of year posts because you can often forget how well some of the earlier films did. To see Alice in Wonderland in second place is quite sad considering it was a terrible film but I think it only managed those figures for the simple fact it was the first 3D film post-Avatar and people were just dying to experience the effect again. It is quite surprising to see The Karate Kid manage to get into the top ten at the expense of much bigger films too.

Thanks for all your work this year, Goose. Not just with these great reads (arguably the finest box office write-ups on the internet) but also your tireless work in this folder which is easy to take for granted because you do it year in year out and with very little fuss.

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Goose, you write these reports week in and week out. Often they sink quickly with little acknowledgement, but it doesn't deter you. Without exception, they all provide a great read and let me add my approval. It's a shame you can't have more than one of my +1's.

Maybe it's time for Sir Goose?

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An incredible report as always Goose, but aren't some of those figures the wrong way round? Why is Inception above Harry Potter when Potter took more? Likewise Shrek and Despicable Me?

Ahh, I see what you mean - it's because the chart is based on the film's US takes, I added the global/total figures in completeness really (and help back up some of the info in the main post about how films get a boost outside of the US) but left the order as it was.

Many thanks to all for the very, very kind words, I'm glad so many people enjoy the reports!

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The lowest grossing films on a wide release:

10. 'Splice' (Gross: $17 million. Widest release: 2,450 theaters.)

9. 'Youth in Revolt' (Gross: $15.3 million. Widest release: 1,873 theaters.)

8. 'My Soul to Take' (Gross: $14.7 million. Widest release: 2,572 theaters.)

7. 'Repo Men' (Gross: $13.8 million. Widest release: 2,521 theaters.)

6. 'Case 39' (Gross: $13.3 million. Widest release: 2,212 theaters.)

5. 'Let Me In' (Gross: $12.1 million. Widest release: 2,042 theaters.)

4. 'Extraordinary Measures' (Gross: $12.1 million. Widest release: 2,549 theaters.)

3. 'Jonah Hex' (Gross: $10.6 million. Widest release: 2,825 theaters.)

2. 'MacGruber' (Gross: $8.5 million. Widest release: 2,551 theaters.)

1. 'The Warrior's Way' (Gross: $5.6 million. Widest release: 1,622 theaters.)

Sad to see Let Me In bomb that much seeing as it was a pretty good remake of an excellent film.

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Sad to see Let Me In bomb that much seeing as it was a pretty good remake of an excellent film.

Purely speculation here but I think the mistake they made was trying to take an art house film to the mass market, without playing it to the art house crowd first (aka release it in a limited capacity). Of course, it can be done and is done quite often throughout the year but the key is start small and build on the word of mouth. It reviewed exceptionally well so word of mouth should have built up for the film. They could have then gone wider and wider, perhaps topping out at 1500 locations with a good screen/takings average.

But they decided to cash in quick, go wide and hope for the best - releasing it against The Social Network may have given it some trouble too. Perhaps the studio lost faith? Maybe they were expecting a Twilight style flick?

I've never seen the original but I got the impression that the trailers mis-sold the film a little too - sort of playing up the vampire angle a little too much?

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I wonder if this is a sign of how The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo remake might perform next year.

Nah, that's got mass market appeal, something that Let The Right One In didn't have. If anything, it was taking a reasonably obscure, but highly regarded, foreign film and hoping that the resurgence of vampire flicks would somehow translate to popularity for the remake, forgetting the things that have made Twilight so popular (popularity of books, leads that teenagers want to fuck).

In the English speaking world the majority seem to be allergic to subtitles, so hugely popular books + filmed in English = big box office.

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