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One of the most liveliest towns i have been in, with people with real schedules!

Clock Town Majoras Mask


Seconded. Clock Town looks nice enough, but where it differs from most gaming cities is that you really get to learn its inhabitants, each of which has a story to tell. You observe them, you learn about their very personal stories and then you try to get their lives on track. Reuniting two lovers has never been done so well in a game. But it's all meaningless if you don't save the town itself from that huge moon grinning at you ominously for most of the game. Koji Kondo's haunting The Last Day plays, you go to the moon in what must rank as one of the most beautifully surreal sequences ever and you kick Majora's Mask's ass, saving a town and its people in the process. Shenmue comes close, but there is no city or village in gaming that provided an adventure quite like Majora's Mask.

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Although I'm a little tired of walking its streets after four games, will be five after I get the PSP game, I'm still fond of Kamuro-cho (神室町) from the Yakuza games and in some ways the repetition is a fun bonus for longtime players of the series.




Although essentially a recreation of real-life Kabuki-cho in Tokyo, it balances a realistic sense of that place with all kinds of weird extras. Weapon sellers hidden in video shops, secret underground casinos that look like old castles, abandoned buildings turned into a plaza for homeless people etc. On top of that, all the weird and wonderful characters that you meet around the city really help sell the feeling of a Tokyo that is amusingly off kilter.

The extra bonus I mentioned for regular players is that because the same basic city layout has been used in all but Kenzan, it becomes very familiar. So very soon you become a native yourself, instantly able to find your way to certain street or building after hearing the name. Locations take on other meanings if you return to a certain place where a major event happened in a previous game.

While I would support a move to a new setting (I enjoyed the small visits to Osaka and Okinawa) and a shake up of the formula (not necessarily shooting zombies like the new game though...), the original Kamuro is a place I always enjoy revisiting in the series.

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There were a lot of places in various Ultima games that were awesome.

IV and VI kind of meld into or for me now, but of these I seem to loved Skara Brae in both. IV had the upper hand with the haunted island (or was that V?!) and in VI finding Cove was great. I also liked Yew.

Then you'll have to pinpoint Britain in Ultima Online as an iconic place. Despite many of you guys never having visited it!

That area around the bank, with so many shops nearby for every profession and the stables up the road, was such a great starting area...and at the same time you could always go back there and there'd be a point to it.

If you include the invasions they used to have, well before others games did this, it really was a special place. Especially when the thieves were out and being killed by guards! A corpse drops and there's a scramble to loot it!

Happy times :)

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Why don't you tell us why you like it? :)

Well, I don't think it's particularly special, I was just surprised to see no mention of it yet as it appears in all three Fable games in different states of development, which is a nice touch.

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This was as real a place as I could have imagined when I was a kid.

What makes a location, town or place more charming and magical to me is if it conveys an idea that there's more beyond the walls and borders, if there's a true sense of place in a world. Fairlight always felt like a location that was part of a bigger world, and perhaps if you tried hard enough you'd be able to get there.


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Orgrimmar, World of Warcraft. For a long time this place really, genuinely felt like home. In a lot of ways it was home. :wub:

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Must go back soon and see how its changed, but I don't think I'm going to like it.:(

It's quite weird going back after Cataclysm to various places, I haven't been to Orgrimmar, but some places I have been and it is odd seeing the difference, quite sad in a way.

I've always had an affinity for the town in Harvest Moon: Back to Nature on PS1 - really wanted to work in the inn.

Loads of the Pokemon towns have fascinated me too.

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Going back a bit but I still have the map of Mittledorf from Legend Of Valour in my head - Pubs, shops, temples and dungeons. Its the first fame I can remember that tried to simulate a real place with real people and even however many years later I reckon I could still find my way around.

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Shadowrun's Seattle on the SNES. It was the first proper RPG game I'd played and the fact you could talk to and get a repsonse from nearly every character you ran into always amazed me and made the game feel more "real". In fact I didn't get over my love for Shadowrunning until I became a Wasteland Explorer in Fallout 3.

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