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Forza Motorsport 4


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Dunno who this 'Badger' bloke is :P , but I approve of his message!

The PC thing's a must for anyone that can do it and fun as they can be, the restrictions of so many games holding to the same tracks generation by generation is absurd. Real-world tracks of past and present equate to a barrel of riches to any producer that turns to widen its view a notch or two. There'll be tracks that many people will never have seen, with even the more modern circuits giving exciting layouts that can only refresh the staid umpteenth appearance of A. N. Other Track.

Perhaps I'm not business-minded enough to understand how the millions earned from game sales can't go some way to demonstrating the worth of including new tracks - or if money talks, jumping any hurdles and aiding the deals that might need to occur. I can see it not being for the lack of people making the games wanting to get new tracks in too...

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My Prediction for the final 14, then:

  1. 73 carrera RS
  2. 911 turbo (930)
  3. 911 turbo (997)
  4. 911 GT2 (997)
  5. 911 carrera (991)
  6. Carrera GT
  7. 944 Turbo
  8. 918 Concept (Spyder or RSR, probably not both)
  9. 911 (996) GT1 Strassenversion
  10. 911 GT1 '98
  11. 908/3 or 917k
  12. Cayman
  13. 928
  14. 935

Actual Rothmans sponsorship on that 962?

I'm fairly certain that's illegal in the EU.

Illegal on toys (and models), but depictions in historical context, still legal. what this counts as, I don;t know.

I know you wouldn't get that past PEGI or the ESRB in that livery in a boxed game, but in a DLC pack? interesting area.

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  1. Boxster S
  2. 911 Sport Classic
  3. 993 GT2
  4. 911 GT3 Cup 2011
  5. 959
  6. 911 GT3 (996)
  7. 911 GT3 Cup (997) 2008
  8. Cayenne Turbo 2012
  9. 911 GT3-RSR (996) Petersen 2005
  10. 914/6
  11. 911 GT3-RSR (997) Flying Lizard 2011
  12. 911 GT3-RS (997)
  13. 550 Spyder
  14. 962
  15. 911 GT3-RSR (997) Flying Lizard 2007
  16. RS Spyder (Dyson)*
  17. 911 GT3-RSR (997) Falken 2011
  18. Panamera

#19, Porsche Cayman R


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They should all be in this thread if you were to use the search button.

1989 Porsche 944 Turbo


A personal favourite.

Major nelson listed the Porsche Expansion pack as costing 560pts, which would have been nice but has now corrected it to 1200 points. I doubt they have knocked 400 off the price and it will still cost 1600.


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Despite the price I'm really looking forward to getting my hands on some of those Porche's - any idea how many or what events will be included in the pack? I'm hoping for a GTR/ 911 duel on the nurbergring

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There have been no details released regarding the events. I'd imagine it will be quite American Le Mans Series heavy with a few events based around Sebring, Road Atlanta, Laguna Seca & Infineon. It's fair to expect some kind of German track based challenges too and the event list really needs a Noirdschliefe race or two.

edit: I was saving for the Porsche pack but I've managed to make a few million via the auction house and rivals events in the last week. I also managed to raise my online rank in F1 last night from 1 to 2 after about a year of playing it, so to reward myself I've only went and done it haven't I.




edit : who was neg ?

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love it.

It pains me slightly that you're using the "vertical" version of my IRN-BRU logo, though...

I've also never really understood why T10 used that version of the 250GTO and not the more common (and arguably prettier) original:


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