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Most Neighbour Unfriendly Music Possible

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How about a bit of slap bass?

That on repeat will literally commit them to a mental asylum.

If you can get a copy of Zaireeka and four CD players you will leave a lifelong impression on your neighbours though.

Or any Flaming Lips. I'm going for all out noise more than just thumping bass though. Nothing like a bit of ear piercing treble to go with your floor rumbling bass.

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That said, this will make them go beserk. Play this, on an endless loop. AN ENDLESS LOOP.


I'd happily forgotten this had existed. Fuck you. :hmm:

Anyway, Deathface is heavy as fuck yet entirely listenable.


That said if you've taken a moment to listen to the Excision Shambhala mix then this isn't gonna cut it.

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