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Most Neighbour Unfriendly Music Possible

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Just stick 'The Power of Love' by Frankie Goes To Hollywood on repeat play, maximum volume. I can confirm it will take approx 18 minutes before the victim wants to kill themselves. If they resist the urge, they will spend the rest of the duration in the foulest of moods and sacrificing pigeons, squirrels and any other local wildlife they can catch to the Princes of Darkness to bring about a localised apocalypse. They will then cry and bury their head into their pillow for the night, cursing your name with every breath.

I speak from experience.

Actually, thinking about it, maybe the pigeon sacrifices worked in a way - some really horrible shit *did* happen to the people in there...

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And these responses are why I Love Rllmuk.

Top work there all. In answer to the question yes on the whole they're radio 2 fans. When Duffy released her album it was a dark dark day in my life. Hearing two middle aged people screwing to Warwick Avenue at 3 in the morning is not something i'd wish on my worst enemy. However they're not beyond the odd bit of Ibiza chill out - y'know coz they're still down with the kids.

The current suggestions however are just :hat:

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I sometimes listen to these because I want to even though they actually drive me up the wall


Also if it weren't the fact that's it's clearly amazing this (second half especially) would make me rage with it's one bassline, noisy kick drum, and relentlessly horrible happy outro, though in general rock music doesn't tend to drill through walls in the same way 4/4 and overmixed vocals do. Hip hop can just waltz through floors and ceilings like they're not there sometimes too.


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Personally I would play some Dimmu Borgir at full volume, specifically "Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia". If they are Radio 2 types they will likely think that the apocolypse has arrived.

If your after something with bass then get a hold of the Fear Factory "Remanufature" remix album. There are a couple of metal/gabba hybrids with some brutal beats and paint stripping vocals that will have them crying into their Horlicks.

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Is there a way you can add a gap of random length between plays (not too short, not too long)? That way, every time it finishes there'll be a glimmer of hope that it's done for good. Until it starts all over again...

A friend of mine was subjected to this over and over again some years ago, drove him nuts. Maybe not bassy enough though Should definitely be something with lyics.

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Yeah, you definitely need something with gaps in the basslines. Gaps that are long enough so they think 'ah, it's finally over now...' and by the time they're almost drifting off to sleep, it starts all over again.

Maybe put some silent tracks of varying length (between 10 seconds and 3 minutes) on your iPod and shuffle them between the terrible songs.

Anyway, my suggestion


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Excision - Shambala 2010 mix. Search for him on Facebook and you can grab it from there.

This is rhe correct answer... The most correct answer you'll ever get. Google 'mediafire excision shambhala 2010' for aural torture. ;)

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