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Games that demand a remake

DJ Sack

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Has the potential to become an uber-atmospheric platformgame with great flying physics. The idea of a hero with a helipack has never been bettered. Imagine descending with you helipack into the deepest caverns and caves to save people, while energy is running out slowly and any light you hit breaks down, forcing you to navigate through the dark... Fly carefully through small openings, avoid lava and watch out for enemies...

This is the most inspired thing I've read all day. Kudos sir.

We should track down John van Ryzin, get him back at Activision and get him started on this right away! I'll be more than happy to provide all the 3D models, sound FX and textures he'll ever need. And keep a close eye on the game/level design obviously. I just can SEE this game in front of me, how it should be.

If only I paid more attention during my C++ classes :D

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as for Wonderboy, yes, the Dragon's Trap was the best game on the Master System by a country mile. however, it wasn't a Wonderboy game - the Wonderboy and Monster World series were both released in the west as 'Wonderboy' games, bizarrely, after Monster World developers West One bought the name. IIRC, WB3 is Monster World II. there is/was a (failed, obviously) online petition for a DC update. I've no idea what the members of West One are up to now.

Which is the one where you turn into a mouse, a dragon etc... Monster world?

that's WB3 or Monster World II.

yes, that's the fantabulous game we're discussing. :D

just another note, a Japanese game called WB3 exists but is entirely different to MW2, which was called WB3 in the west. that one's a WB game rather than a MW game.

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  • 10 years later...

Day Of The Tentacle.

My favourite game of all time. Apparently after the success of the Monkey Island remakes, a remake was being developed, but it was subsequently canned. Along with my hopes of a happy future.

Hmm, I think the original is still perfectly playable. I'm not too keen on these "HD remakes" of the old adventure games, I much prefer the look and style of the originals.
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I can't believe that in ten years nobody has mentioned Grim Fandango.

So, Grim Fandango. Then Blade Runner.

The old point and clicks never needed remaking, just for working versions of them to be released. Blade Runner and Grim Fandango, however, with their early stabs at 3D graphics (polygons in the former, voxels for the latter) desperately need a new lick of paint.

Once all that's done, I demand a remake of Little Big Adventure 2 taking advantage of modern joypads. Nothing else needs to change.

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WTF I never posted this, how very very stange!

Are you sure? It was ten years ago!

And still no Final Fantasy VII remake!! Not that I'd trust Squeenix to do it justice anyway. I'd much rather they outsource the assets to a technology company to do an HD remaster instead. Fan groups are already working on that, but it will take years without resources.

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I always find it astounding that the Xwing and Tiefighter games have never had a remake. I'm assuming there's some licencing issues somewhere along the line but they would surely be perfect for a console release?

Seems more a lack of interest from LucasArts, and now Disney. They stopped being interested in anything but the most mainstream of Star Wars branded games after a certain point.

Remakes usually turn into a case of be careful what you wish for going by the state of most of the ones which come out. A sequel or remake where they fix a flawed original with potential have more upside, doing HD remakes of classics usually results in unflattering comparisons.

But if I had to choose one, Super Mario World, HD sprites only, tart up the simplistic backgrounds, gameplay doesn't need fixing.

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