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GoldenEye Wii

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Expand. Is call if duty better or are you just more familiar with it?

I'm having absolutely no problems with the controls after a shakey start.

Goldeneye's controls are fine after some tweaking, but Black Ops' are just implemented better.

The pointer is more stable, yet feels more responsive at the same time. Turning is much better - in Black Ops, it seems to accelerate as you move the pointer further out of the bounding box, which makes it possible to make big turns even more quickly without having to stray too far from the centre (a quick snap to the side rather than the sustained pointing which Goldeneye still requires for certain manoeuvres even after tweaking), yet doesn't make small adjustments any more difficult as you increase the turning speed.

The ADS, oh the ADS, is glorious in Black Ops, really tight and responsive, which makes drawing a bead on moving targets a cinch. That's the one thing I couldn't get to feel just right in Goldeneye even after tweaking; it was usable, but felt a bit like analogue stick aiming at times due to the turning kicking in and reaching a constant speed rather than ramping up as you point away from the middle (you can get around this by holding the view lock button to disable turning when suitable, but this can also make you accidentally pick up a weapon - something else Black Ops fixes, as that command can be remapped).

On top of that, Black Ops has really good defaults. I haven't had to tweak anything, I just picked the second-most sensitive default and it was just right out of the box.

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Andrew you're on the wrong forum. Also remember that time I texted you and you replied but I didn't reply to that reply? I was trying to lure you back onto the internet but I guess it didn't work so well. Anyway I'm not really that interested in goldeneye because the first one was pretty rubbish by today's standards, which is how to judge everything that was made before today. There's totally not a thread about the DS version though. And I know I said "though" even though it wasn't contrary to anything. Hi!

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Really getting into this now- on the St Petersburg level. The bunker level really is fantastic, some nice sneaking around at first followed by some good "run and gun" action, especially with everything going tits up around you.

I still have some gripes about it (although they're very minor)- it seems to suffer from the "Bond Game Syndrome" (something that I've just made up). The levels feel really disconnected, there's no real flow between each of the levels. It's a case of "you're now in X location, do some shit". And it could have done with a little bit more 3rd person type cinematics between the levels, in my opinion. Having it all in first person makes some of the set pieces a bit low key. The original Goldeneye, Agent under fire and Nightfire all suffered from similar things, so it's nothing new.

Second thing is just how bad Daniel Craig is in this- he really sounds like he's just telephoned his lines in. There's no connection at all with his dialogue and the rest of the characters (who are all very good). Maybe he's just not into doing standalone lines- but it really sounds like he's just turned up in a studio, by himself, and read out the lines.

Finally- where's the fucking gun barrel sequence at the start? That was one of the best bits of the original- the old Rare/Nintendo logos coming up, followed by the gun barrel sequence. I know it's not really been done since Craig took over, but it should have had it in this. Plus, the whole options menu music/ambience is way too low key, and far too much like the Bourne films than Bond. I want bombastic!!

Anyway, it's really good.... 9/10. And I quite enjoy online multiplayer- albeit being utter shite at it.

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I think it is that much fun. But what's most impressive to me is how they've remade goldeneye, from the future, something which I'm sure we all thought would be impossible. They, the developers, really set themselves up to fail but somehow didn't!

I think it's an incredible acheivement.

The game's not perfect or anything but it's totally James bond. And I haven't even played split screen!

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My pal is a major rager PS3 head... always winds me up about the Wii and it 'being shite'.

Anyway - at the weekend he reckoned that this is one of the best games he's played in a long time.

I won't get to play it until christmas

Your friends and family are a constant stream of amazement to me...

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