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Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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Just got back from work, installed the game, started it up, and already had a massive bug.

In the opening credits sequence, it starts with everyone standing outside of the cart which isn't moving. My hands are bound, and everyone is just stood there staring at me, saying nothing. I can still hear the sound of the horse and cart rumbling down the road, except of course, it's doing no such thing. I thought maybe I had to wrestle free of my bound hands, and make a dash for it across a hilltop, but nope, can't do a thing. It kind of derails the credits as well, so the name "SKYRIM" doesn't even appear, and never will.

Restarted, and it was all how it should be, me in the back of the cart with the others, heading towards the village.

So, great start!! :facepalm::lol: Did this happen to anyone else?

I had it freeze just after

I emerged from the underground tunnels. The guy said to split up, so naturally I followed him to see what would happen and it froze just after that

Luckily I had saved about 30 seconds earlier :)

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The cache issue sounds annoying, that does sound like a bug. At first I thought like it sounded it was optimised for streaming from the disc (GTA IV had an issue where it was better not installed), yet I guess once the cache is filled it just goes No sir I don't like it...

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hmmm well my Amazon preorder still hasn't despatched. I'll give them till 11ish as it still says expected delivery tomorrow. If not I'm just going to have to bloody buy it on Steam.

Amazon are a bunch of twats, they delivered MW3 to me today, I had to go to ASDA and buy it myself

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I personally have not done this :coffee: but I remember Uzi (I think) giving tales of what he used to do in Oblivion even though the actions are not recognized by the game. I think its great to let your imagination go like this as it shows your so absorbed into the world. I think some quests or even achievements of this sort would be great though :wub:


Yep. Most fun I've ever had in a RPG. to actually role play. As soon as I began playing srsly, the flaws began to show and the second playthrough was never the same.

I think I'll be picking this up from Tesco right after work tomorrow.

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My copy didn't arrive today, which I guess teaches me to not sit on the fence for so long and order the damn thing before 4pm the day before. But, I'm enjoying watching the live feed on Giant Bomb and luckily the GF is out all night tomorrow.

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More of this fascinating server unlock code talk please.

Hey guess what? No one cares what you think.

Thanks for you contribution to the thread, asshat.

I don't understand the purpose of the dual destruction perk when you can already dual wield a destruction spell?

Read the description - it makes destruction spell more powerful if you dual weild the same spell in each hand. (I think)

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