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Side Arms is the best side scrolling shooter ever!

Davros sock drawer

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I got it on Hucard and CD (the arranged music on that version is amazing)after I got my Duo. Then finally mame brought it home in all it's entirety - It was the first game I loaded up when I got my mame cab from Dandy Sephy.

Then you got me to play it with you and I didn't see what all the fuss was about :hat:

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Anyone played the PC Engine version of Side Arms? That's pretty awesome too really, I had it back when I had my PC Engine GT a few years ago. Nice new music, and the autofire really helps!

I have the Turbo Grafx version, which I assume is the same? Yes, it is lovely, and one of the few PCE/TGx games I've bought specifically (the other two were Bonk and Ai Cho Aniki) rather than in a bundle of titles.

Oh man, did you ever play the Spectrum version SQ?

It was the Spectrum version I played first, and got me into the game!

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The PCE version is lovely.

Those mid-80s Capcom shooters were amazing. 1943 (and Kai) stood out as well, then UN Squadron and Forgotten Worlds and then... nothing. Fucking SF2, innit. :(

"Best" isn't really the right angle for me here. "Most loved" is better - Blazing Star is fucking incredible, as are the Thunderforces and Gradius V, but Salamander will always, always, always have a special place in my heart. The big horns on stage 1! The flares on Stage 3! OMFG. OMFG. OMFG.

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Yeah, I loved Salamander too. Another one for memorable artwork as well:


Arcades in the late 80's were truly magical places. I can still remember the layout of mine, i.e. which machines were where.

I also remember holidays by which arcade machines were in which bars (The Ibiza holiday I mentioned had Side Arms in our hotel, Dangar UFO robot in another one nearby, Commando in a little Café over the road, and Xain D'Sleena in a bar/restaurant - bliss!)

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Yeah there was a music tape with Sidearms, I'll have to dig my c64 version out to see.

IIRC it was "Right First Time" by Resistor, well at least on C64 anyway.

Legendary Wings was awesome too (Dandy Sephy's having a dig at my PCB that has no sound :P )

See if you can get this Davros


Legendary Wings and Sidearms on one CD :D

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Yeh ! Side Arms rocks !

Hugely under-rated, I also discovered it in Margate arcades around 86-87.

Always loved the mecha designs, the left right shooting and the fact both players can control movement when you combine.

I never got very far in Margate (Even when playing with SuperQuincy) but then I found a machine in Tenby in 92 that must have been on easy as i suddenly got really good at it.

But then I was trapped in Tenby for several weeks so maybe I was improving.

Anyone got a high-res scan of the artwork for the white robot that was in one of the Capcom artbooks ?

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and Xain D'Sleena in a bar/restaurant - bliss!

OMFG, there has NEVER been a decent home port of that game. Both C64 and Amiga versions were absolute arse. Thank you god of emulation for the arcade version.

(by the way the god of emulation looks like the god of war from Forgotten Worlds - This threads going in circles)

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I loved that game at the time, but it hasn't really stood the test of time. Very atmospheric though, and always makes me feel cold when I remember it, as the place I played it most was at Gillingham Ice Skating Rink!

Gillingham Ice Rink! Man I remember playing the game there on a school trip!

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