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Mass Effect 3


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Motivated by the news of really good dlc for ME3 and with the luxury of lots of hd space available, I have started over again, with the aim of playing through the trilogy plus dlc by summer time.

By heck, ME is rough round the edges though - massive texture pop-ins, frame rate staggering and a weird graphical glitch which has given Ash a new purple and green hairdo (it looks like goop from the Thorian creeper has been poured over her). And engineer is still massively overpowered, and skills take ages to recharge, and I can only hotkey one of them,and I have to put points into a gun to be able to wield the damn thing, and guns overheat every 5 seconds, and the inventory is the least tactile ever, and handling the Mako can be a bitch. BUT BUT BUT

It never takes long though to get swept back into the story, to chat with the team and anticipate the answers in advance; it's like putting on the comfy old jeans after wearing a business suit all day. And I still don't think any game gives you the same feeling of wonder at exploring the universe, being farted out of a mass relay to end up crashing down on alien terrain with some tricky navigation to the ? Mark on the map - it's a pity more wasn't made of some of the discoveries. I think on my very first play through the first planet I explored had the strange pyramids, and that is about as good as it ever gets really. Still, I know there will be a small payoff at least for every side mission i do now in later games.

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Most of you will not like this. I have quit playing through my intended Mass Effect Trilogy play through. Why? Because of Mass Effect 1.

I recently bought this for the PS3 after hearing stories about how great it is. Maybe Edge of Reality fucked up the conversion fron PC to PS3 (which would not surprise me, they butchered Dragon Age: Origins) but if what I am playing is actually the great Mass Effect I despair.

I can not count the times:

team mates stood in the way and got me killed.

team mates blocked me between a wall and an object. I had to manually send them to a place so I could free myself.

the camera bugged out.

team mates stood either in front of the camera or my gun.

enemies bugged out. Standing still, floating.

enemies cornered me which resulted in me unable to go anywhere.

the sniper rifle did not zoom in. How on earth can an action RPG game not have a solid trustworthy foundation for the shooting sequences. This truly stupefies me.

I hid behind cover when I did not wanted to.

I did not hid behind cover when I wanted to.

team mates got separated from me because the door I passed through closed too fast. Or my team mates were too slow, whatever it is.

Just to name several issues. I just wasted 30 minutes on the Banezia fight, failing each and every time because of the aforementioned issues. I am done.

Mass Effect 2, it was a pleasure.

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ME1 certainly has issues. I was lucky enough to play the games in release order so I just saw a quality gradient going up.

I would implore you to keep at it though. Nothing beats "Mako in relay? That's unpossible!", or "holy mother of shit, this is the best space battle in sci-fi history".

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Play it, then play it again doing every single sidequest and finding every single mineral so you hit level 60 just as you're shooting that jumping bean motherfucker's face off and the big thing goes BOOM and the littler big thing goes CRASH and everyone goes OH NO and the music goes all AWWWW and then you go all FUCK YEAH and pose with your Avenger in front of a red Krypton sun and import a level 60 character into ME2 because that's what the Real Pros do, bro.

All Turian medals, all Salarian insignias, all Matriarch writings ITT or GTFO.

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Kinda loving 3 now. Looking forward to meeting Kai Leng again sometime soon. Mechanics just feel so good and right. Lots of choices to make.

Liara's still dull as hell. Grunt's lodger had a bit of a moment at the Embassy.



are pant shittingly scary.


Oh and Allers makes Al-Jilani look like Wong.

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I was wondering the other day whether ME3 would have been improved by them dumping Kai Leng, and instead

doing what they ended up doing with Citadel, and making a Shepherd clone the main human antagonist. I suspect it would have been a bit too meta and a bit too jokey for the overall tone of the game, but the main problem with Kai Leng was the fact that you had absolutely no history with him, and that there was no real resonance with the plot. That said, the third game is a difficult point to introduce a baddie and have them seem a worthwhile opponent, and introducing the Shepherd clone would have solved that in one go – you’d automatically want to publically and fatally take down this pretender, whereas I couldn’t really give a fuck about Kai Leng.

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In fairness, after what Kai Leng did the first time(?) I met him, I wanted to rip that fucker's head off.

EDIT: Also worth noting that K's post above includes a massive spoiler for the Citadel DLC, not just the main ME3 campaign. I am sad :(

Stabbing a weakened Thane, I mean. It has been a while!

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On the upside, that's an outcome I'd been secretly hoping for since near the start of ME3 so I'm now enthused.

And annoyed.

Yeah, it's an awesome twist, so, y'know, ignore K's post. In fact, put him on Ignore. No, wait, ban him. Actually, Voldemort him.
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Is it one of those twists where the whole thing keeps you guessing, or one of those twists where the discovery is kind of incidental to the whole enjoyment of the event?

It's pretty awesome in a "Oh no they didn't! They fucking did!" sort of way, but frankly there's so much else going on before, during and after the reveal that having it spoiled isn't the end of the world.

Incidentally, if you haven't play it yet, why not, and fuck you.

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It's been one year since I put my Insanity playthrough on ice. Downloaded the Extended Cut, and was waiting until all the planets were aligned so that I could finally give Mass Effect 3 the send-off it deserves. That time has come. I haven't touched multiplayer, so all of the singleplayer content amounts to 24.6GB on my hard drive.

With 52/68 cheevo's to my name I'm wondering if I can also finally 'complete' the game. If memory serves, I think there's only one cheevo related to multiplayer so maybe not. Nevertheless, I've left the best till last (The Citadel), but not before I've had a right grind-a-thon with Omega. The combat is every bit as good as it needs to be, and I might've been happy to come out of it alive, however a quick glimpse of the cheevo list and I'd missed:

Meticulous 50G - "Complete all the Command Center side-missions on Omega."

Since you can't go home again - after finishing Omega - I decided to replay it. That's the hallmark of a BioWare product, that you don't begrudge going through the motions (notwithstanding that Omega has no real bearing on the campaign). But you know what? Riding high on Activision's GDC demo, can you imagine the efficacy of the next Mass Effect game? Love lies bleeding. :wub:

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Well, I got my act together and finished ME1. I can not give an unbiased opinion of ME1 because the interactive comic that came with ME2 on PS3 ruined any single plot twist and surprise. All I can say is, I am glad that's over. Immediately started ME2 and - for the sixth or seventh play through - enjoying the hell out of it. I am almost looking forward to playing ME3 again :mellow:

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Ain't nobody drier than Garrus in a tight spot.

Maybe I should rephrase that, in case people get the wrong idea about the relationship between Garrus and my ManShep. I meant no-one has a drier wit than Garrus when he is in a tight spot, or dangerous situation.

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