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SCEE sent me Ghosthunter (and Ratchet & Clank - Keep this in mind when reading my sig)...

I played Ghosthunter for a bit last night. It seems OK, but I haven't played for long.

I'll give a brief overview but will try to keep it spoiler free! :rolleyes:

Basically, it's Ghostbusters except not as cool.

You're this police guy, who's send to this abandoned school cos builders hear dodgy noises, etc...

So you go there with your partner, have to look around, something happens, blah...

You run around a bit like Resident Evil, except you can press circle to switch to a behind the shoulder-ish view, where a cursor appears onscreen which shows where you're aiming, R1 fires. From there you can press circle again to go back to normal movement or triangle to switch to first-person, to allow for more precise aiming. Movement through doors, up ladders, etc... is done like Resident Evil.

You get a weapon which is used to get the ghosts... you have you shoot at them, and then when they're... something, you press R2 to throw this grenade thing at them, that catches the Ghost and then flies back into your hand, and you carry on. Very Ghostbusters inspired!

It seems like fun. The most impressive thing about it so far is both the controls, which are layed out very nicely (although the camera work takes some getting used to) and the lighting. Your weapon has a torch and I didn't realise the PS2 could do lighting effects this well. Looks damn good!

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The movies or the cartoons?

The movies scared me.

Infact so did the cartoons...

This game did, too... I was giving it a quick try while my girlfriend was picking a DVD and one bit made me really jump.

I had to try and disguise it has a cough and a scratch.

Didn't work.

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I'm really looking forward to this too. I enjoyed the demo, but I really want the game to maintain a tense and scary atmosphere. I'm not up for a wander em up (Primal step forward) either, but a nice action orientated scare fest would really hit the mark.

(and Ratchet & Clank - Keep this in mind when reading my sig)

A bit late I know, but if you were still looking for someone to do a review of R&C2, then I'd be happy to oblige, just drop us a PM, and I'll try to have it ready by Monday. Though it's worth pointing out, that IMO R&C2 is one of the finest games I've ever played, and I'd give the game a ten in a heartbeat.

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Well, the point of mentioning my sig together with that game was meant to show that I have these two games to give away to reviewers. You already have it though! :D

If you're interested in writing reviews for the site, then feel free to write one up and email it to soong@gamepaused.com and we'll take it from there.

I get all (I think?) SCEE published games sent to me free, so you'll get the occasional free game.

This goes for anyone who can write well?

I could also do with a news writer? :D Again, just email.

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Well, do an Xbox review and email it over and we'll take it from there.

I don't mind doing news on my own right now, to be honest. I only post the main news, so it doesn't take much time... all the little news is found in forums before most sites, so I let the forum take care of that.

It can be quite fun :D

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