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I'm arguably still a bit miffed all those tables i bought on the 360 didn't carry over to PS (although I understand the logic of that one more) but they can get to fuck if they think I'm buying the PlayStation versions again for this "release" and this one doesn't seem to also incorporate the VR versions which it blatantly should as well. 


I get that they want to keep making money etc but arbitrarily releasing a new version that doesn't really add anything (as far as I can tell) to the main "pinball" bit of the point of the game, it does smack of greed.


Those pinball passes are a joke as well as they don't even contain all of the tables anyway and it's on a timer. Fuck that right off. 

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I really enjoyed playing the Addam’s Family on PS5 using the free 24hr pass, didn’t notice any sluggishness etc. and that was on Quality mode, not that I noticed much difference between that and Performance.

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