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Hitchy... you are the dude of dudes, you know that?!

Erm dont know about this week i am all over the place but i'll bring my copy to the meet... and so will you... oh, i'm not asking!

Could you imagine the 4V4 CTF... amazing

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Hi Elmo,

Is this worth getting then?

I heard it was utter dross??

Rent it.

It's a hit or miss game with most... but when you play with me on it you'll love it because i'm such a great guy.

peace and love and all that fucking hippy bull shit


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Ux, I've got Unreal now by the way.


You've tried it online? Got the patch?

I'm always up for some instagib, or team games!

Have I mentioned that I like this game?

Got the patch and played a quick game last week (CTF) with some yanks.

I never knew you liked it. :rolleyes:

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XIII is complete shit online. It was obviously made as an after thought. Sublime single player game though.

serioulsy it's all in the game you are playing. Get some really close CTF going and it's fan fucking tastic

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I think all game modes are quite fun. Some of the deathmatch levels are really well designed, although others are complete crap (Bristol Suites I'm looking at you).

Too bad about the number of player restrictions, though. Way too many levels only accept four players.

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