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Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit (PS3)

Best Meet Up Times  

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I've tried to tidy up the topic, to get it more geared towards us meeting up for some online races. I'm currently chewing through a mountain of games, but I'd love to race against some Rllmukers. If a clear preference emerges from the poll, then we'll at least know when to put some time aside. :)

Forum Name / PSN ID

Robo_1 / Robo_1

df0 / Kanselier

jawadx / TheGatorMan

Johnny5 / Speedyyellow

Gloomy Andy / GloomyAndy

Landshead / Landshead

Sell73out / Sell73out

Uncle Mike / Uncle_Mike

nfx / nfx74

jonnyalpha / jonnyalpha

joemul / bigjoemul

collymore44 / DarkCrisis7

womblingfree / womble

suzzopher / Suzzopher

sprite / suekitchen

strider / Strideristhebest

dino_jr / dinojr4

willmill / W1llM1ll

James Ape / Welford

Melon_Bread / Gunstar_Red

spanx / spanx75

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You're all mentalists in there though. Do you read your stuff?

I'll admit to overlooking the folder, but having just checked it out, surely it's a Fora folder in all but name.

I'll leave it in the hands of the mods though. :)

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  • 2 weeks later...

I'm fairly rubbish but I'll need some names in my autolog just to show me how poor I really am.



Everyone's welcome, and there's a good range of player on the list already, so nobody is going to be short of a time to chase.

With the release coming up, just edit your post, or post a fresh reply if/when you get the game, and I'll modify the OP to reflect who's got the full game. Can't wait, I've had some great fun time chasing. Uncle Mike, I salute you. :D

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Oh finally.

But sarcasm aside...Why didn't you just copy the huge list from the main thread?



Well to be fair I started this before that list began, and yeah, to be honest, I think the online folder is best for setting up and organising online matches and seeing whose interested, whilst the main thread in Discussion is best for discussing the game itself. Seeing large lists of names copied and pasted throughout the thread doesn't exactly make for a great read.

Updating the OP in discussion and leaving links to both the PSN and Live threads in Online would be the cleanest way of doing it, otherwise the actual discussion thread just becomes over run with online stuff, which drowns out a lot of general discussion.

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Just as I was about to switch to it, some friends dropped by, which was a bit :):(.

Didn't get on until about 8 and by then there didn't seem to be much activity, aside from plenty of autolog taunts... I see me and womble are going to become good friends. :P

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I'll admit to overlooking the folder, but having just checked it out, surely it's a Forza folder in all but name.

Its name was changed to encourage other racing game online chat in there. Now don't be silly! I'll behave.

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