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The Art of Atomhawk Design Volume 1


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Atomhawk Design Ltd is a leading creative design and digital art production company based in the North of England. They are specialists in providing bespoke digital art in 2D, 3D and video media, across all interactive industries including film, games and online. Atomhawk Design boasts an impressive client list and has worked with many of the biggest names in the industry, and now they are teaming up with 3DTotal for a new and exciting project – The Art of Atomhawk Design. This 192 page book showcases a large selection of the fantastic art created by one of the world’s most creative digital art studios. Covering a variety of subjects and themes, and diverse range of styles in a breath-taking fashion the Art of Atomhawk is a must have book for anyone interested in this field.

Put a note in your diaries, and mark it in your calendars as in February 2011 this epic book will become available.

Yep, it's a bit of a shameful plug, but it amazes me that we're at this point so soon in the company's early lifespan. Sadly I didn't get a chance to contribute to the book (although I did design the cover :) ) as it's more concept art-based than UI graphic design based. Maybe next time...

More information here!

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The book is available to pre-order from 3DTotal with the offer of a free (free!) t-shirt. You can check out a virtual preview of the book here.

We've got advance copies in the studio - it's pretty surreal to see it finally in the flesh and a tangible thing. You won't be disappointed - excellent print quality and the shiniest of slipcases. I think we're all pretty stoked, brilliant way to end the week :)

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I see you guys did some work on the new Mortal Kombat via a post on Kotaku. Lovely environment art!

Cheers! I animated some of the character endings too :)

Lovely stuff. Do you do cool character designs for small figure producers :P ?? Preferably for around 50p and a packet of biscuits? Hmm? HMM?

Really want us to investigate the toy figure industry, would be cool for some of our designs to be made into plastic reality. Two words sadly - too busy :(

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JoeK Minis presents: ATOMHAWK ARMIES. Or some such.

It's a lovely book, very happy with it.

Thank you, sir! Glad you like it! We really want to get cracking on a second book, it'll be even more vast in scope and awesomeness.

As an aside (aside) - looks like the Atomhawk bunch may be signing our book at GameHorizon. Yikes.

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