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2012 London Olympics


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Isn't there a single damn thing we can do in London without fucking dragging sponsors in?


P&G has teamed up with the Mayor of London to bring you the P&G Capital Clean Up - a great campaign to help clean our nation's capital before The London 2012 Olympic Games.

Some of the UK's favourite household brands - Flash, Ariel and Febreze - have come together for a series of clean-up events and we need your help!

SRSLY, what the fuck - are we so fucking poor that a/ we can't pay for this shit ourselves AND b/ that we have to rope in more fucking volunteers to do it? Where the hell has this 24bn gone, ffs?

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Check out this sweet pamphlet, it's called 'So we're literally using your home as a missile turret for the next two months without asking first.'


Just got a leaflet through the door saying the army are putting missiles on my roof during Olympics. http://pic.twitter.com/jscoZikB



This is what they plan to install above my sleeping head - http://pic.twitter.com/hk9JTf0b



For context, I live in a private gated development (yuppie, I know) near the Olympics site. At no point were residents met with over this.


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My favourite quote is this bit:

During the Games, they will be controlled around the clock by 10 unarmed soldiers, who might be guarded by armed police.

Fucking might be guarded by some armed cops? I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm sure knowing there's a missile battery above your house and it's being guarded by some soldiers armed with their angry eyes and possible a cop with a cute little gun would make me feel very safe! Surely we guard missile batteries with proper soldiers with big fucking guns?

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I think setting up rocket pods with a 5KM range that have clear LOS to the olympic site and then providing minimal security is a considerably more real threat than a "pop-up strike" by a helicopter. I mean, is it particularly easy to smuggle a gunship into London? This reads like a ridiculous scenario from a James Bond parody.

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Apparently climbing is very likely to make the 2020 olympics, I just found out the other day.

I'm fully expecting to see all the bmc-sponsored kids at my local wall make the cut. Hell, given british pedigree I'd say we're in with a very strong chance of actually winning shit for a change! :)

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Spectators will be banned from taking bottles of water into the Olympic Park in case they are used to conceal so-called ‘liquid bombs’. Most mineral water bought to take away is sold in 500ml bottles, which are automatically banned, as are bottles filled up with water from the tap at home.

A spokesman for Locog said: ‘We have gone to considerable lengths to find great tasting, top quality food, setting new benchmark standards for the industry.

‘This includes snacks from £1, sandwiches from under £4 and jacket potatoes from just over £5.’

You do spoil us!



Remote-controlled aircraft carrying deadly poison could be used to launch a terror attack at the Olympics, a senior Army officer has admitted.

Lieutenant Colonel Brian Fahy, responsible for community relations during the Games, said it was ‘feasible’ that drones filled with poison and small enough to fit in a rucksack could be used as a biological weapon.

Don't put a member of the Armed Forces in a position for community relations in a global sporting event :facepalm:

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We have gone to considerable lengths to find great tasting, top quality food

actually means

Food is supplied by our sponsors, at considerable mark-up, and no other food is allowed


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More good news!


BBC News has learned that tenants in east London are being evicted from their homes as landlords attempt to cash in on the Olympics.

The housing charity Shelter says it has seen more evidence of landlords acting unscrupulously and evicting people illegally.

One estate agent said properties typically rented for £350 per week were being marketed for £6,000 per week.

The BBC's Michael Buchanan says: "The potential profits are leading to some private landlords telling their tenants they have to leave their homes, with little notice."

One woman told the BBC she and her four housemates had been given two weeks to leave; another couple had been given three weeks.

Any London renters here been given an eviction notice?

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