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Guest Penguin_Lad

Has anyone noticed there's a new map available for download? It's only for adversarial modes, but it's still fun. Based around the carnival type level.

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Well, had some just super games of this last night. After a bit of a break from it, some nice co-op games yesterday with Bravestarr and DavidB (after my connection came back up ;) ) and then some great 8 player team survival games last night. Just love that alleyway in the carnival level. It's like a killing ground! ;)

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Is anyone up for some Rainbow Six tonight? I was unable to play last time we organised a meet (server full), and I've not played it hardly at all online.

Any takers?

I'll be online tonight looking for some RS6-3 action. Add my tag and we'll fire some slugs...

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