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C64 doing amazing things generally


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I doubt this topic will be a multi-page epic but I saw this earlier and frankly it really can't go without a mention.


(you'll need to use an emulator of even the real hardware)

Some clever souls have managed to get the C64 playing .NSF files, basically. The emulation isn't perfect but that hardly matters.

In just over 2 years the C64 will be 30 years old, it is still doing amazing things.

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More interesting stuff here with the C64 being pushed hard. Cubase64, the C64 doing timestretching, delay, etc.

It's a lot more impressive for its data compression than it is for pushing the C64 chipset. Most of the cool effects are either (relatively) trivial thanks to the his pretty unique approach to fitting the main sample in ~50k, or pre-calculated via big fat table look-ups on a per-sample basis, rather than actual realtime processing of a single audio sample - and data tables were actually generated on a modern PC with a hardcore mathematics package (but took ages to process, fair enough).

Like all great demoscene effects, the real genius is making it look like the hardware *appears* to be doing something, rather than it actually doing it. That said, the coding is fucking badass cycle-exact stuff, so the C64's running at optimum.

For my money, http://noname.c64.org/csdb/release/?id=72678 is a lot more mindfucking, as it's really not fucking around.

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I realise half of those effects were on-board SID anyway (filter etc), and yes there was some hardcore maths going on on the PC beforehand, but you cannot deny the work that went into it.

Sadly that other demo doesn't emulate too well (I have my old C64 here but am waiting for my 1541 Ultimate II to turn up). But some of the parts worked. Really nice Amiga mod conversion.

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