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Oh I don't doubt their opinion, if they think it's crap then I don't question the fact that they think it's crap - but Debs there insinuates that edge didn't play the game at all, or just the very start. And I was wondering if there was something to that, 'cause that doesn't sound like something that the edge of old would do (Turok 2 not withstanding, of course)

I think it's a very craftily worded statement, if I may be so cynical. They never say there's more than one gun in the game but leave a vague insinuation hanging there. They move straight from saying there's more to the game than the stun gun to talking about how it's all about the environment for example. I would gather from the statement that they think that the latter parts of the game are more environment based and that the devs think Edge not mentioning that proves they haven't played it, whereas it could just be that Edge thought they were rudimentary or not very notable. Their review shows they played the challenge rooms as well, which only unlock after finishing the game.

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Having just gone through the atrocious demo, I think it's safe to say Edge are the ones with their heads screwed on in this case. Where on earth did they get the voice 'actors'? I mean that quite literally in Kate's case - she sounds like no race on this planet does. Horrible, sticky movement is also an instant winner.

I think they know it's a poor/ below average effort and are just a bit annoyed the review hit before they got a chance to sell a few copies off the back of a couple of (now) highly questionable reviews.

If what I played was indicative of the overall experience, someone awarding it a score of 90% needs a clip round the earhole. And then shooting. In the eyes.

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The coolest thing about Hydrophobia (and probably the reason Edge ran the original reveal article) was the technology powering the game, it promised to revolutionise the ability to make high production value games at a much lowered cost. The first game to use the tech is possibly a bit shit is a bit of a side issue.

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Looks like she isn't just singling Edge out when going mental about bad reviews.


Jim Sterling writes for Destructoid, and he mentioned on Twitter that Hydrophobia was not his favorite game. Jones apparently saw this message, and did something odd—she called Samit Sarkar, the site's sports writer. She wanted to talk to Jim Sterling, right now.

"She was very forward, very pushy, and if you ask me, completely out of line," Nick Chester, the Editor in Chief of Destructoid, told Ars. "It's one thing to try to contact a writer or even that writer's superior to discuss content that's been run—it happens, usually in an attempt to do damage control—but it's another to bother someone's co-worker based on a tweet. We're not even talking about content we had run on the site at this point.

"She also said something to the effect of 'We've put three and a half years into this game, and you just don't get those kind of scores if the game is bad," in reference to one review—OXM, I believe—that gave it a high score and praise."

According to Chester, she demanded Jim's phone number, saying that if he was playing the game wrong she needed to correct it. "After this incident, she called again, no more than an hour later," Chester explained. "Same pressure. Same spiel. She wanted to speak with the author of the tweet now, and later emailed him with similar complaints and requests that she had leveled at Samit earlier."


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