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The Alan Partridge Thread

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Here's 100% of my information here:


So, we've been shooting Alan Partridge's radio show all week. It'll pop up as 12 10-minute eps somewhere quite soon.

He clarifies in another tweet that they're not sponsored or ads or anything, just proper, short episodes. Not that I think it would be possible for them to be ads as I'm fairly sure Alan Partridge is a BBC property.

Anyway, exciting!

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<Crying>Did she write back?

Conrad Night: No, she died.

<Crying> Why, why did she have to die!!!!

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Michael: So I picked it up and I threw it into the sea.

Alan : You threw a monkey in the sea?

Michael: Well, it had eaten all my fags, man. It was a big packet of two-hundred duty-frees, like.

Alan: You threw a monkey in the sea? That’s awful. I mean, I was fishing for some sort of funny story. That’s just upsetting.

Michael: Well, you know, I wasn’t thinking straight. I just, kind of, got the red mist in front of my eyes and I just grabbed the monkey and hurled it in the sea.

Alan: Will you stop saying you threw your monkey in the sea? All I can see is a monkey spinning towards the water.

Michael: Well, it didn’t go straight in the water. It bounced off a rock.

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