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Mad Max "Shiny & Chrome"

Boozy The Clown

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  • 10 months later...

But according to others THIS is the boxart:

Warner also revealed the Mad Max box art today (below), which I know isn't particularly relevant in this era of digital everything, but I'm a cardboard aficionado and I think this cover is actually quite good. It eschews the usual "rugged scowly-man" approach that you'd quite naturally expect in favor of something simpler, starker, and much more appropriate for a game about gangs ready to go to war for a tank of juice

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Looks like my kind of game. I loved the little segment dedicated to simply attaching a tow cable and dragging stuff around, letting the physics engine run its course. Sandbox games live by stuff like that. If the double-grapple from Just Cause is any indication, there should be some hilarious ways of using it in this.

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Warner Bros have a history of not matching their movie counterparts.

Arkham Asylum was nothing like the Nolan films.

Shadow of Mordor was nothing like the Jackson films.

At the risk of sounding picky I'd say that Arkham had nothing whatsoever to do with the Nolan films and that Mordor was very much like the LotR films but with an entirely new main character.

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