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Good Cover Versions

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Two great covers segued into one apocalyptic epic, it's the almighty Isley Brothers splicing up Neil Young's lament to the Kent State Massacre 'Ohio', riddled with bullets from their old pal Jimi Hendrix's 'Machine Gun'. They even throw in a little bit of Christ's prayer on the cross. It FUCKS. ME. UP.


Earth shattering doom.

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So many interesting covers here! That Paul Anka 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' cover is quite something, I don't think I've ever heard a cover like that. And that Burial - Archangel cover by Tom Day & Laura Lethlean is very good.

Some more covers:

Lissie covering One Direction:

Shearwater covering Xiu Xiu:

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Great cover! Original is a great song too. There are so so many amazing covers out there. Lissie a few posts up is massively into covers, did an album or two purely of covers, covering Nick Cave, Lady Gaga, Drake...Lissie's amazing, and also good friends with Ellie Goulding! They often perform together in fact. Though when they do it's always unfortunate to read (on like the comments of Youtube videos of such) that Goulding's vocal skills are often detracted, in comparison to Lissie's...Goulding's got a good voice, the styles are just different. Anyway here's another Lissie cover:

Lissie - Mother (Danzig):


'Original: masculine; Lissie version: dreamlike'

'WOW.... best version of this song I have heard. Impact with gentleness.....'

Also just realised that Shearwater a few posts above also did an album full of covers! With that Xiu Xiu cover on it...here's another amazing cover of theirs (Shearwater are great by the way):

Shearwater - F**ked Up Life (The Baptist Generals):

Original: http://thebaptistgenerals.bandcamp.com/track/fucked-up-life

'I didn't kno u knew my family!'

'Shearwater is a brilliant and subtle band. I agree with lyrics.'

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i love covers.

does anyone listen to coverville? some of it can be pretty cringe and i don't really love the guy's taste (too much acapella) but you hear a gem every now and then

not from there but one i really like anyway

love the shitty movie maker video too

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