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Good Cover Versions


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Gonna try a different approach; one of my favourite covered songs, and spoiled for choice am I:

Original - Johhny


Covers - Nina, David, Baaah-booo-rrraaah, Channy.



They're all great, and are great in their own distinct ways, but Ms Marshall's version has to take first prize.. just, oof. Those chords; that voice. *_*

Sigh. Think I need a lie down, ha.

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My favourite cover is Johnny Cash's version of Hurt. Admittedly it's made a lot more poignant since he (and his wife) died relatively soon after but still a cracking version, one I prefer a lot more over the original.

Totally agree. I was listening to it tonight and it's truly an amazing cover. Probably one of the only songs that can make me shed a tear. This is a perfect example of hearing someones pain through a song.

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