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My favourite is the stunning cover of Pet Shop Boys' 'It's a Sin' by Frankmusik, better then the original and really needs more exposure.

The only version of it I can find is online is not the (better) official recording but an MTV session: http://www.mtv.co.uk/artists/frankmusik/video/its-a-sin-mtv-session

I am genuinely shocked that anyone could think that the cover is better than the original.

Considering the subject matter, i just can't imagine a heterosexual artist being able to imbue that song with the same kind of power. Despite the upbeat sound of the music, it manages to transcend its over-the-top 80s stylings & sound truly poignant thanks to the lyrics & the underlying desperation just about detectable in the vocals.

The Pet Shop Boys version is such a powerful anthem of shared isolation & alienation. The Frankmusik rendition is just a song.

Plus the original is waaaaay better to dance to :D

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Uncle Tupelo - Moonshiner

A traditional song that they completely made their own. One of my favourite tracks of all time.

And I go to some barroom

to drink with my friends

where the women they can't follow

to see what I spend

Woods - Military Madness

Doesn't stray from the original a great deal, but it's a bit more playful and a sexy little homage to the original.

I can't find them online, but A Sunny Day In Glasgow did an awesome cover of 'Game of Pricks' by Guided By Voices and Belle & Sebastian did a surprisingly good cover of 'Final Day' by Young Marble Giants.

Not really a cover, as Morrissey wrote this for Sandie Shaw, but technically Morrissey performed it before she did, so...

Sandie Shaw - Please Help The Cause Against Loneliness

The whole Crass cover album by Jeffrey Lewis is pretty awesome, as you can finally make out what the fuck Crass were singing about. Lovely anarcho-communism!

Jeffrey Lewis - Banned From The Roxy

A post of this length is asking for trouble. I'll stop here.

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Alright, one more.

I'm no Manics fan. I have never warn a feather boa or covered glitter on my eyelids, however, they've done a corker of a cover of this...

McCarthy - We Are All Bourgeois Now

McCarthy are one of those vintage indiepop bands from the 1980's (featuring Tim Gane from Stereolab) and there one of the only ones I still listen to. Amazing left-wing agit-pop.

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