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Depeche Mode.

max renn

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Part of me would love to go see them one final time but the idea of the cost (it's easily £500 for the day), the faff, the massive stadium, the shit drumming, I think I'll just let the memories of World Violation and Devotional live on in my head. Glad they're still managing to coin it in though, they've worked hard for it.


The clips they just played at the press conference didn't really inspire so no doubt the album will be another moderate disappointment with a couple standouts and yeah, Corbijn has been phoning it in for years and that logo really does look proper shit.

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I didn’t see the conference, did they play snippets of anything new? I can’t find anything online yet. 


I see that James Ford is producing again and shit drummer is still drumming. Oh dear. 

Totally agree on the cost point from @KartoffelKopf, stadium and arena gigs are eye gougingly expensive these days. 

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5 hours ago, KartoffelKopf said:

There's a snippet at about 1:30 here with what sounds like a half-baked rerun of Precious. It's played again right at the end.



Thanks for that, I quite enjoyed the instrumental build up from the start of the video, it had a bit of depth to it. I seem what you mean about the Precious cover version though.


2 hours ago, KartoffelKopf said:


Apparently co-produced with Marta Salogni. Never heard of her but then I am an old man with very little knowledge of modern music.


I've no idea either but hopefully she'll bring something new to the party, rather than the same old distorted sounding tracks that all blend together from the last few albums.


I don't think I've ever complained about any other band as much as I do about DM, even though I've loved them for 35+ years.

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4 hours ago, DeciderVT said:

Straight back to selling tour tickets before anyone's heard the new album again. Cynical as ever!

I don't think I'll ever see them live again, sadly.

They are still stuck in that old school loop of press conference, tour announcement, single, album, tour etc..

There's never a single ready to go at the conference, it's always months away while they cash in on nostalgia and sell out the stadiums first.


I always think that they're worried that their upcoming release will put the  hardcore fans off so they sell tickets before anyone gets a listen.


Nowadays, bands and artists drop new tracks & albums without so much as a minute's notice. It would be good for them to try something new for once instead of these teeny tiny teasers that drag on for ages.

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  • 3 months later...

There's a clip kicking about the internet from a DJ set that features a remix of a new track, I assume it's this single. You can't really use modern DM remixes as a basis for judging what the song actually sounds like though so it's not worth getting too excited about.


The clip in the video above has the character of the last few albums, there's not a lot happening in it but I guess it is only a snippet that doesn't give much away as to what the full single will sound like.


It's been so long since the last album so I can't wait for Friday. I hope they never let me down (again).

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In keeping with DM's mastery of social media, their countdown that had been running all week finally ticked down to zero and.... then added another fucking 6 days on. I was watching it, ready for the new single to drop and pretty much ended up getting rickrolled.


Hahaha, they're so out of touch with modern marketing, always have been, even their website has been terrible for years.


Oh well. Only another 6 days to wait till the first single, unless there's another countdown, then another. Till then I'll just enjoy the silence.


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It's finally here


Similar vibe, but a better first single than the last few albums. Just wish they'd bang a strong crisp synth line in there somewhere instead of the distorted guitar that's become the norm. Fingers crossed for some decent remixes this time round.


Dave's voice is decent, and he's looking well. Martin got old though.

It was never going to be Enjoy the Silence mark 2 but on the whole, I like it. Definitely looking forward to the album now.

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8 minutes ago, StephenM said:

I like it! Gives big Precious vibes, which I think was a fantastic single. 

Precious was a great single, it does have that feel to it.

It's definitely catchy, only had two listens so far and it's stuck in my head.


The video was decent, I enjoyed the intro walk and chess on a rooftop but the spooky ghost dancer felt a bit off.


They're back!

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8 minutes ago, krenzler said:

I agree. Was thinking this might be the best since exactly Precious. 


Pre-orders are obviously up on the official site.

Pre-orders for physical singles? I can only find a link to order the album and oh my fucking lord those prices!

£45 for the coloured vinyl! 

£25 for deluxe CD which doesn't even have extra tracks!



edit - Slightly cheaper on Juno



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4 minutes ago, krenzler said:

Yes, I did mean the album - do singles still get physical releases these days?

They released physical singles with the last album. I’d seen a rumour there would be one CD single and two 12”s

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1 hour ago, StephenM said:

Pre-ordered the red vinyl - and it made me think that, weirdly, I don't think I have any Depeche Mode vinyl whatsoever. Madness.

I've got loads of DM vinyl and CDs too. I'll probably buy the CD version of Memento Mori.

I'll probably buy all the vinyl & CD versions for the singles though, always have. I'll draw the line at cassettes though.

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And in an amazing coincidence, Fedex delivered my copy of the DM:AC book today.

The publisher (Taschen) had a sale on a few days ago and it was reduced froom £100 to £40. I know Amazon sell it for around £60 but I'd always set £50 as the threshold where I'd buy it.


It's bloody massive! Looks like I'm having a DM weekend.

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The single is ok I guess. Chorus is a typical MLG catchy affair and has been running around my head all evening. Nicely bonkers Anton video and the lyrics take on some double since the passing of Fletch. Probably won’t listen to it again until the album appears though. It’s fine, just not getting me excited that we’re going to see anything too different from last few efforts. ‘Wrong’ is still my favourite lead single in the post 2000 era. 

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On 03/02/2023 at 17:12, cubik said:

Hahaha, they're so out of touch with modern marketing, always have been, even their website has been terrible for years.


I'm genuinely astonished that BRAT has managed to maintain his stranglehold over that side of their operations for this long. He's been out of his depth since day one.

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He’s always been a complete tool with an overinflated opinion of himself.

In his mind he’s the fifth member of the band, whereas in reality he made a hash of the socials and some crappy remixes

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There's so many 12" versions to choose from, a lot of my favourites are more of an "extended mix" as opposed to a true remix though.


Without listing a huge amount of stuff, here's some that are worth a listen (in release date order):


Shout (Rio Mix) - This is the B side of New Life

Leave in Silence (Longer)

Everything Counts (in Larger Amounts)

Stripped (Highland Mix)

A Question of Time (Extended Remix)

Black Celebration (Black Tulip Mix)

Enjoy The Silence (Hands and Feet Mix)

Walking In My Shoes (Grungy Gonads Mix)

In Your Room (The Jeep Rock Mix)

Home (LFO Meant to Be)

Useless (The Kruder + Dorfmeister Session)

Dream On (Dave Clarke Acoustic Version)

John The Revelator (UNKLE Re-Construction)

Wrong (Trentemoller Club Remix)


There are probably a few more from their later albums but a lot of them tend to blend together into one cohesive club friendly beat with no resemblance to the original song.


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