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Using my Taliban tactics on Alborz last night, I managed to top the game with 25 kills and 5 deaths:) I can only imagine the rage one guy must have been showing, after I killed him 8 times in a row :).

One nice trick is to lay by a really obvious land mark when you kill em so they can see where you are on the killcam. Then booby trap that (during their 5 second respawn), move, wait and just blast em again

I started using the whole road.... C4 the spawn point, blow em up.... Run down the road toward the nearest spawn point, hid some c4 in a bush by the road, blow him up.....I just keep moving the c4 and hiding it in roadside bushes.....

Alborz Mountain is great, I've shot down more helicopters in my Sprutz on that map than I have in all other land vehicles combined up until now

It really is an amazing level.... Graphically its superb..... I only wish the cave spawn actually came through to the other side of the mountain....

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Clearly DICE do and it's something they obviously spent some time coming up with so don't expect to see it gone any time soon. I assume these Armoured Kill maps are much better on PC with a larger player count. On Conquest they're a little barren and Rush would be fantastic if it wasn't for the flying dick mobile.

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Got to say that I'm struggling with AK so far which has surprised me as vehicles are totally my 'thing' in BF3. The games often seem to be a case of waiting ages for any sort of vehicle to spawn>tedious trek towards a base>get instantly killed by gunship or artillery before you know what's going on or have even encountered another player. Harvest Day used to be a bit frustrating in a similar way at times but it wasn't too bad since the anti-vehicle options were much weaker back then.

Hoping that being a couple of weeks behind the premium players is accounting for some of it.

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Hey guys. I've set up a erver on 360. Just testing the waters really. I might be hosting one for work.. anyway, if anyone wants to join, search gamescentre.co.uk on BF3. All Dice rules, none of these 1000 ticket things

Nevermind, It is curently No DLC Needed

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2 weeks on and Rush is still just a broken mess on Armored Kill, which is doubly painful when the maps are so fucking good. We've had a resurgence of team play this week and its been so much fun, reminding me how good this game is with a crew. but even with 4 of us on the new maps its a frustrating mess.

never have I seen a developer repeatedly get it so damn wrong

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I'm still loving this, and I also had a chat with my director at work today. He is willing to fully pay for a server for me, as long as I can sell it to him.

So far I have said:

Server will be named after the company.

Will include company logos.

Will include company stores and web address in description

Will advertise it to customers in 7 stores and on facebook

Can use it for official company competitions

It will build a good image with us willing to engage with our customer base

It is advertisements for the shop for anything between 4 and 24 people per game, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What else do you think I could use to convince him?

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Gonna need to be something special to make me pay for it.

I reckon Bandar Desert is the best map from BF3 yet, close to Noshar Canals. The way the open desert means you have proper desert and air warfare, the artillery base being real hard to keep but so satisfying when you do. The airbase being a concentration point as the AC130 can do some real damage on this level. And then points A, B and C being this hotel resort complex on the beach, perfect for infantry. I absolutely love that level and have a blast each time.

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