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Football League Championship 2010/11 Official Thread

Rex Grossman

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I'm hoping that QPR get docked enough points to see them drop out of the playoffs.

Mostly to see how Warnock will react...

I'm hoping they don't as they're the best team in the league this season. I have a lot of time for the club and their fans and Neil Warnock's a great English manager. His track record of getting clubs promoted is amazing. He deserves to be a Premier League manager.

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I always thought docking points was too harsh a punishment anyway. It's not the fans and players fault the board fucks up so why should they be punished. They should just be fined.

The fans? Why should the fans get any say in it?

If a player scores the winning goal against your team and he shouldn't have been on the team sheet and that goal gets them to the Premiership, then a fine isn't enough. In fact, it is more than worth it to try and cheat.

FWIW, as a Claret (and someone who has a low opinion of Colin), I think that if there was any wrongdoing then QPR don't deserve punishment at this point - the FA have apparently been investigating it since September. If QPR have been left in limbo for almost an entire season, it is wrong for them to be punished for the incompetence of the FA. If they had said to QPR at the start "Look, this looks dodgy. If you continue to play him, and we find you guilty, we will deduct points - your choice" then QPR could have made a decision on their own position. Simply letting the whole thing drift on is completely counter productive.

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I always thought docking points was too harsh a punishment anyway. It's not the fans and players fault the board fucks up so why should they be punished. They should just be fined.

Yeah but if that boards fuck up, and potential cheating has earnt them a place in the premiership, the championship title and about £60 million quid, costing other teams to miss out on promotion, or be relegated.....how is a simple fine fair?

I dont think they will be docked points, but IF QPR have done something wrong,deliberately and are found guilty....its wrong to not punish them purely on the basis that it happened a while ago.

Plus, warnock was so vocal about it when it was the other way around.

QPR have been the best team this season and rightly deserve to go up. But that doesnt give them carte blanche to pick and choose what rules they obey, nor does it allow them to falisfy documents which is what theyve been accused of.

They could well be innocent of the charges anyway.

But there needs to be rules and those rules and thier punishments need to be enforced, or whats to stop other teams doing these things?

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It's a balls-up, that's for sure.

Plissken nailed it; the FA fucked up big time. There were clearly question marks over the players ownership early on and why they couldn't have dealt with this swiftly, I don't know. I'm sure a brief, but thorough, investigation and some paperwork sent to them from QPR would've solved this. It's a bit revisionist to decide on the outcome of it now, when the season is all but over. Very rum indeed, whatever the result.

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It sounds like the FA is taking it seriously, as theyve notified clubs of the possibility that the play offs could be moved back a week as a result.

Swansea manager Brendan Rodgers has revealed the Championship play-offs may be delayed if Queens Park Rangers are found guilty of breaching league rules.

The FA, expected to make its decision on Friday, charged already promoted Rangers with breaching rules over the signing of Alejandro Faurlin.

If QPR are found guilty at a hearing they risk being docked points and an appeal could delay the play-offs.

The first-legs are provisionally 12-13 May but they could be put back a week.

The BBC understands that the affected clubs have been notified that the semi-finals could be delayed until the week of 16 May.

Any possible delay would allow the Football League time to hear an appeal in the event that Rangers were found guilty and given a significant points deduction by a four-man FA disciplinary panel this week.

Swans manager Rodgers revealed: "We've sort of been given an indication if there was the possibility of an appeal if something happens that... you know.

"I think it's only moved a few days pending the appeal, but it's one where we're delighted to be in the situation we're in and we won't be crying over a few days extra recovery.

"Let's wait and see what happens. There's a judgement next Friday. Everyone will know where they stand and we'll take it from there.

"It's the least of my worries. I can only be proud of our club and my players and whatever happens next week, we'll take it and run with it."

Fourth-place Swansea have already booked their play-off place and their first win in six away games at Millwall on Saturday still keeps Rodgers' men in with a chance of catching Cardiff City and Norwich in the automatic promotion race should both sides slip up on Monday.

Swansea's pursuit of third place in the table is also important if champions QPR - who were promoted at Watford on Saturday - are found guilty and have points deducted.

Should all that happen, it would leave Swansea going into the final day of the regular season against already relegated Sheffield United still in the hunt for automatic promotion.

Rodgers, though, did admit the length of time it has taken for QPR's disciplinary hearing to be held was "ridiculous".

"I think it's ridiculous that it's dragged on so long if I'm being honest," said Rodgers.

"Surely if you've got a rule in place, then there's a sanction alongside that whatever happens so you should know near enough straight away.

"But to drag on and then be brought up the day before the end of the season is incredible really."


Still, its probably just the FA covering its bases really more than anything.

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I know it's early, but I still feel vaguely like I'm dreaming looking at the scoreline 0-2. Ex-Norwich player Lita for the win.

(Of course, being a typical pessimist Norwich fan, I'm still predicting 3-2 to Cardiff and 2-1 to Portsmouth. :) )

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Fair fucking play - another Cardiff/Dave Jones bottling disaster.

Not only an embarrising 3-0 loss that probably ensure Norwich gain promotion - we also spunk our superior goal difference up the wall to make it a bit easier for them PLUS let Swansea gain a better goal difference so they can now finish above us with a win if we don't beat Burnley.

So any QPR point deduction could mean Swansea go up instead which leaves us nice and wounded to get hammered in the play-offs by an angry QPR if we get past Reading or Forest.

Fucking brilliant.

Of course, knowing Cardiff - Norwich won't win tonigh forcing me to go to Turf Moor on Saturday to watch us fuck it up some more.

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