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Games released this week


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Now if this was downloadable on PSN/XBLA and the focus was on a "peloton crash mode", based on a gory cross-mod of Pain and Burnout.... it'd be a winner.

"eeewwwww, he went over the bars, through the dry stone wall and impaled himself on the tractor's haymaker".

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Where do you get your release dates from dave, out of interest?

A few places. I cross reference a few of the gaming sites (Gamespress, Eurogamer, Tothegame), and then do a check on the retail sites (Play, Amazon, Gameplay etc) to confirm that a game is actually on sale. No one place seems to be correct to be honest.

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Pokepark. Any good?

It's very, very simplistic and easy. It's a decent game for kids - I've enjoyed playing it with my four-year-old son, but only in a lazy-Sunday-morning-bit-of-undemanding-nonsense kind of way. It's simply a case of befriending Pokémon by beating them in a skill game (quizzes, chases, battles etc.) and then competing in the various attractions (motion-based minigames). My son would pass the controller over when he was stuck, but that wasn't really too often. It's not really going to tax anyone over the age of around 8.

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