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Edge 217

Mr Do 71

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I suspect David Jenkins might have had something to do with the Apple Jack review being in Edge, the first I heard of the game was when Tim Sycamore (the developer) wrote to GC about it:

I've always agreed with your complaints about modern games being too grey/brown and not reflecting the culture of the country they were made in, so I've had a go at making one myself.

Apple Jack is an extremely colourful Bubble Bobble style platform game set between East Anglia and North Wales, with each level named after a small town or village along the route. If you want to give it a go it's on the Xbox Indie Games section now! Tim Sycamore

GC: Well done, a great little game!


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"How could anyone fail to be entranced by this console?"

"The results are transfixing"

"Having to wait until next year for such an obviously charming piece of gaming tech would be painful"

Crackdown 2:

"The air in this new dilapidated Pacific is thick with all the volatile ingredients of giggle fits, hearty roars and triumphant cheers"

"At its best this is more than just the purest, most narcotic action game in the world - it's a cultural pinnacle"

Joyless my fucking arse.

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People want the Metroid booklet? It's an advert!

Yeah, I hate those things they stick in every now and then.

I like the cover...

Good Lord, it's awful!

Still, the Korean Starcraft thing last month was the best thing I've read in Edge for ages.

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Still, the Korean Starcraft thing last month was the best thing I've read in Edge for ages.

Yeah I enjoyed that. Just the kind of break down I needed on the subject.

Also nice to see them focus on some more player culture with the arcade cab collectors section this month.

Next month I want a section on EVO!

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