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[FM3] The Targa Positano


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It did indeed, and a good time was had by all (well, I had a shocker, but it can't be helped).

we had a few technical problems at the start(and one no-show) but in the end the race was decided by just 4 seconds after an hour and 5 minutes of racing.

Full results at http://targapositano.blogspot.com

I'm working on a commemorative poster image in the classic Porsche tradition, but it's not quite done yet.

there was definite interest in a follow-up event, though mine and kurzheck's racing schedule is now pretty full until autumn - we're considering what we want to do and have a couple of ideas with various levels of ambition.

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I think I'm gonna get that poster framed and hung.

Wait a second, I managed to strongarm him into a version with the #3 on it, so it now has the top 3 finishing cars. The fact that that just happens to have been me is puuurely incidental.

The race itself went well, we had some connection issues which meant that while we had 7 turn up, only 6 could get into the lobby and hephalump had to run the race on his own (which wasn't too odd given the format of the event). Everyone got off to a pretty good first lap, though it was immediately obvious that Jamma Lad in the #40 was much faster than anyone else in the lobby. Rich lost a lot of time on lap 2 having to attend to his son, leaving me comfortably ahead of Beezerly and Boozy on adjusted time while Jamma lad continued his insane pace and starting overhauling people on the road. Despite starting 4th on the Grid, so being a full minute delayed, he went on to finish first on the road by more than a minute.

On about lap 5, I suddenly realised I didn't actually have my camera in reach, so had to get my wife to check the sofa under me and find it, during which period of walking around the living room while trying to keep going I had a couple of pretty big wall hits which brought me to a dead stop, and left me about 45 seconds ahead of Beezer when I'd started 40 seconds ahead of him.

We then had a 20-minute duel, with the gap dipping down to 40 seconds, back up to 47, then back down to 43 or so again over laps 6-9.

Beezerly then seemed to lose a lot of time (20 seconds or so), at the start of the last lap, making my position safe.

When the times were collated and adjusted (see targapositano.blogspot.com for full timings), Jamma Lad had beaten Hephalump by just 4 seconds after over an hour's frantic racing.

tl;dr Man, it was awesome.

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