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Nintendo E3 Conference 2010


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I don't think we're going to see a lot of sales figures... Wii is on decline.

This about the next big push.

3DS is going to tear off your baws.

The DS isnt though, there will be charts and figures sadly but Im hoping they wont waste too much time with them. Also I predict a few Mii games, Mii Party has already been announced so expect to see that and I wouldnt be surprised if there were a few more. The Wii video service to be shown coming to the west. New Mario game shown for 3DS, maybe even a 3D remake or two of some N64/GC games for the new handheld. A new Starfox and possibly a new F-Zero. New Donkey Kong also but it wont be a platformer.

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I reckon when the 3DS boots up the nintendo logo will fly out of the screen and poke your eyeballs out your ass.

it'll suck your eyes into the screen - your eyes will then rotate inside the 3DS and turn into Marios eyes... you'll then be able to see your eyeless face from inside the 3DS looking out.

It's going to be that amazing.

Scottcr is going to get absolutely hysterical.

I can't watch it... at least not it all. is it 60 mins?

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What in scottr's life could possibly be more important than the Nintendo conference? I don't buy a job or romantic relationship. Maybe some offspring, but only if two or more are in mortal danger.

it's my daughter's first birthday today...

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