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Nintendo E3 Conference 2010


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The controls failed but that's not how it will play on the show floor.

But all they showed was the controls. If they had showed, in the trailers, say some other characters, abit of the overworld and towns etc, then the reaction wouldn't be so muted. But they focussed exclusively on how the motion controls worked, only they didn't work. So there really isn't much else to get excited about.

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DJ Hero 3D? Hmm.

The press site has loads more stuff on it. More on Flying Smash, Layton and the Unwound Future, another Mario v Donkey Kong, Final Fantasy: the 4 Heroes of Light, Pac-Man Party (including a new Pac-Man Vs, I think), a 3DS music game from Harmonix, Professor Layton and the Mask of Miracle on the 3DS, Animal Crossing on the 3DS, de Blob 2, PilotWings Resort ...

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Did we see the same show? I can't think of anything more creatively bankrupt than that new Zelda footage. So incredibly stale. Donkey Kong too just looked like a tarted-up Donkey Kong Country. Nothing remotely innovative there.

Microsoft's show was gash, but let's not get too carried away.

not saying nintendo's games were hugely innovative, i'm saying that they brought a huge fucking smile to my face. whereas microsoft's belief that the industry consists only of stupid waggle loving casuals and hardcore dudebros who like only shooters made me loath gaming.

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The Nintendo 3DS looks as powerful, if not more powerful than a Nintendo Wii. Very impressive for a handheld. #E3IGN

Fucking hell make your mind up gameing press we have psp level now more powerful than a fucking wii come on which is it. Show was ok epic mickey looked great zelda was ok i wanna see more on the 3ds mind specs etc.

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Saved by Kirby and the 3DS certainly... :lol:

The rest... not so much. :(

Zelda is... Zelda again - control issues aside, it looked like blandness incarnate - Twilight Princess whatever you thought of it, had the interesting dark world aesthetic going for it, Wind Waker has it's own lovely style of course.. This was just bleh... it seriously needs a more major revamp.

Epic Mickey could still be interesting, but it's worlds away from the amazing concept art - now it's a Mario 64/Sunshine inspired hubworld leading to Mickey Mania/NSMB Wii side scrolling levels?

Mario Mixed and even more Party games? Pass.

And the rest is remakes - Goldeneye via Activision, DKC via Retro and Other M is now looking a lot closer to a side-on Metroid that it was before..

But as I said - Kirby is an inspired creation and the 3DS looks to have loads of potential - and power lying somewhere between the PSP and Wii - Not so fussed about 'Radical' Kid Icarus, but there's bound to be far more interesting things arriving soon.

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So there really isn't much else to get excited about.

Jesus. You're so jaded. The controls bugged out but you can see how it will work - the wii motion + is proven tech working in much the same way in millions of living rooms right now.

Look at the way the tools are tailor made for the remote, the scale and solidity of the game world, the techincal aspect to each sword fight, the bomb bowling, the whip and archery, and the bug of prey - look at that scale, the whole world as one seemless environment - the exploration aspect involving jumping and climbing. It is all FUCKING NEW. Suck my enthusiam cock.

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Barring a handful of iPhone titles I haven't bought any computer game since 2006 but that 3DS line-up, especially first party, means a first day purchase for me.

Welcome back to the fold. :(

Enjoy your free time and surplus money while it lasts.

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