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Nintendo E3 Conference 2010


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So we have:



-Donkey Kong Wii(yup)

-Epic Mickey(the banners are rather large so i'm expecting it at the conference)

-Last Story/ Xenoblade/ Zangeki No Regenleiv

-More MotionPlus software.

-Vitality Sensor plus game

-Wii Party

Nice little line-up if you ask me.

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I'm surprised about how little hype there is for the 3DS. I think it's because everyone's really cynical about 3D these days, but seriously - a portable games console with GameCube-level graphics at least and a 3D screen you don't need glasses to use? Jesus, just a year or two ago I would have thought that was science fiction.

As for actual games I'm obviously looking forward to Zelda, but I wonder what else they'll have on the Wii. All the major franchises have recently had installments or have already been announced - Mario, Zelda, Metroid. F-Zero seems like it would need more accurate controls than the wii remote offers, and I doubt they'd do it with just nunchuck controls. Maybe Pikmin 3?

My super-speculative thing is that we'll get Starfox on the 3DS - it should have the graphical heft to do it justice now, and I think it would work particularly well with the 3D.

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I'm surprised about how little hype there is for the 3DS.


If you're talking about Rllmuk then i can get that, but everywhere else I've seen quite a lot of buzz for the little fucker with developers raving about it and a lot of sites getting HYPED.

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I just want another Four Sword Adventure games with online.

Yes. I don't understand why they didn't do this with a DS/Wii connection, seeing as it's far less of a pain in the arse to set up than the GBA/GC was.

Also, I'd like to be able to use the DS as a wireless classic controller.

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