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This is how EA are going to make even more from the game. As a yearly project the numbers they're now pulling are borderline obscene.

I got sucked in by FIFA 11, and it ended up disappointing again.

There's no way I'll do this with 12 - I can't see them improving the online 1 on 1 issues so I'm going to wait a couple of months before picking it up.

The thing is you can't trust the professional reviews. Theyll not notice the 1 on 1 issues or multitude of other problems that litter the various mode. Theyll give it lip service again and it will continue on it's path towards.

I'm looking towards the forum here; so get in there early you day -3ers and get some feedback on it.

Will there still be a demo? The impact engine is interesting sounding as is the new defending.

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