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I'm so slow at working out video games that I only just realised...

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I’ve listened to 2 gaming podcasts this weekend where people went on at length about the tricks system in Spider-Man: Miles Morales as if it was some big new thing. Er... tricks were an early unlockable in the skills tree in the last game, chaps. Just had a more annoying button combo to access.

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13 hours ago, Straps said:

I'm replaying Mario Sunshine, because I guess I hate myself or something, but there's a horrible Yoshi level on Rico Harbour where you have to create platforms that I had about 20 goes at and then gave up. And only 20 years later did I find out Yoshi can actualy do a triple jump just like Mario. Did it first go after that. Cool. Cool cool cool.

he can do what ? 

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4 hours ago, ZOK said:

It is fitting a thread this good should have a ten year anniversary, but aren’t we a little late?


I nearly bumped a similar thread from 2006 where people suggest reading the manual, which is a little quaint these days.

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