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Mountain Dew


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My south east research, if anything to go by, says that garages are the best place. BP were in the first batch to get them and they've had loads everytime I've been in.

Sainsbury's (the only supermarket that has it at this stage) is a no-show for the most part - and when they do get it, they seem to be getting a very small amount! In there early on, but by the end of the day there's just the little price card with no actual dew to be found.

Quite nice, though, not entirely the same as actual Mountain Dew but no great alteration. The closest thing we can get, outside of import newsagents.

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I got some intel from a friend that this was available in a corner shop near me and I now have a bottle of Mountain Dew Energy in front of me....it's not as impressive as I remembered....

Less sugar and more caffeine it than when it was previously available in the UK, without any orange juice in it apparently. The American stuff still tastes brilliant.

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Spent ages searching for this... but was driving past a Total petrol station - and they had a sign outside advertising it!

Finally!!! Haven't tried it yet though, but I have two bottles chilling in the fridge!

Will report back when I've tried it!

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