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Does anyone know if I need to pre-book a ticket, or can I just pay on the door? Website doesn't really make it clear either way.

You need to prebook the tickets. The chaps behind it all have said a few times on the RG forum that there will be no tickets available on the day.

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Quick post whilst on my lunch.

This was an absolutely fantastic event, well worth the drive down from Aberdeen for.

Left home at 4.30 on Friday morning and didn't get back until after midnight on Sunday night so it was a bit of a trek, the joys of having to factor in baby stops.

Great atmosphere and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves.

Have a look at this video that one of the guys on the Retro Gamer forum took to get an idea.

got some nice goodies picked up...

Operation Wolf (PC Engine)

P-47 (PC Engine)

New Zealand Story (PC Engine)

Bubble Bobble (NES)

Rainbow Islands (NES)

New Zealand Story (NES)

Bubble Bobble & Rainbow Islands (PS1)

Mushroom Toad plushie

A coat hook made from arcade joysticks

And to offset the dissapointment of my own procastination that caused me to miss out in buying the Vectrex system that Console Passion were selling, I ordered up a Turnarcade MAME machine instead.

A highlight for me were these tables from www.surface-tension.net :wub: lovely pieces of kit but pricey. I got the coat hooks from them as well.

A Lowlight, to many folk on the pinball tables on the Saturday. The lighting at the Console Passion stall was too dark.

Heres hoping they do another next year.

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Just watching the video on YouTube. Looked like an amazing weekend. Would have loved to have gone, but have too much on this month already.

I'll have to make sure I'm at next year's event. I hate the sh1te hole of Blackpool with a passion, but this may encourage me to come back for another visit.

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I thought it was a great place the hotel might have only cost £20 but it was clean, staff were very polite and the fry up for brekkie was fantastic, couldn't have asked for better. I didn't go anywhere else in Blackpool as I was just down the road from the event there was so much to do that there really wasn't any need to go wandering the sea front.

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They've confirmed one for next year.

:o already, where and when? I cant access the Replay website at work.

I did keep an eye out for you Lorfarius but i didn't notice you about to say hello.

Rob, yeah Blackpool is certainly an interesting place. We arrived at lunchtime and the hotel wasnt ready for us so we went down into the town. It does seem a bit run down but as both my wife and I had vague memories of it as children we had fun going down the prom. We then went down the central pier in the pissing rain and got freshly made donuts at the end which is something she remembered as a kid. We took our little girl, 10 months old, to the bonfire and fireworks at the cricket ground on the Friday and she loved it, thought she might get scared but she as more amazed at the lights in the sky, she also enjoyed the flashing wand we bought her.

I was at the event on the Saturday so the wife walked from Norbreck, as we were staying there, all the way into the centre, about 3 miles or so. The sun was out so she said it was actually a really nice lovely walk. She took the little on on some shopping and then spent a good few hours in the Sealife place that is there, she said there was plenty in there to spend the day and at the end there is a soft play area for the kiddies.

I met her at night about 7sih and yeah at that time there is a lot of staggers and hennies going about and again it was raining so seemed a bit dreary but we had good fun.

Doubt I coulf stretch it to a week mind you, that would be pushing it.

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Spent a bit of time checking out the Retro Gamer forum about R3play, looks like it was a really succesfull event all in all.

They reckon that they had 1600 in attendance on the Saturday and 1200 on the Sunday which is a cracking turnout.

They seem keen to hold it again as well and it will possibly be in the Norbreck again.

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It was ace, we had a lot of fun there, hopefully didn't offend anyone with our less than Retro games presence too.

I hope they do it again, I'd be kicking the powers that be so we could do another one at any rate. Was bloody knackered though by the end, loading the OutRun2 + VT3 cabs was taxing after two full days on my feet!




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Echoing what I posted on the RG forum, but I was thoroughly impressed with the sense of trust that people left their expensive kit/games scattered around. I'm now doubly impressed that I haven't heard a single report of stuff going 'missing'. Restores a little faith back in the human race. At least amongst those of us that love old games.

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They aren't that far ahead :lol: Just confirmed that it's coming back next year there's also been talk of them continuing the mag that was sold at the event as a semi regular publication with info on events and retro stuff.

Erm, what mag? I must have completely missed that :(

Mr (or Mrs) Console Passion: Please don't make the entrance to you stand so small next year AND put the Super Famicom and Jap Dreamcast games in the gap...

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