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rFactor 2 (Master Race and compatibles)

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Okay well, since playing Forza 3 i realised i wanted something more so went back to rFactor and downloaded some mods and have had lots of fun. Over 100 tracks and cars which are free and lots of other available mods...

Anyway rFactor 2 is "due" this year and you can see some footage (from a laptop).

35 mins in for full interview with some RF2 footage - 53.40 for the main game.

I mean just wait and see, this game is huge. Various racing groups are represented (each one is full game on a console).

Both Karts and the amazing(ly hard!) historix are doing races for the new game.

One of the most accurate tyre models...some new graphics...and lots of (hopefully) free mods....weather as well.

Some may moan about the functional graphics but they basically know nothing.

Hope i see you there....


(BTW, even if the cars mentioned don't make it....they will in the public mod demain).

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First movie footage - early Dev though so bear that in mind.

Spa 1967...or thereabouts....

Looks amazing with everything drawn, although does have some pop-up. This track was raced at night as well...quite a feat against todays massively lit tracks.

No idea what car is being used - possibly a classic owing to the roll.

As you can see Eau Rouge was much slower, but the overall track is much faster. You can even see the farmers house Jackie Stewart crashed into.

From a story...

A nasty accident at Spa started Jackie Stewart's crusade for better safety and Spa was a victim, the Grand Prix moving to the characterless Nivelles circuit near Brussels. During the 1973 Spa 24 Hours three drivers were killed. Jochen Mass tells a horrifying story of sharing a car with Hans Stuck and during one of the pitstops at the night, Stuck shouted to him over the noise that he should "look out for body parts at the Masta Kink". Mass arrived there expecting to see bits of car all over the road but was appalled to discover it was bits of a marshal.
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Too early to say. I dare say the textures and shaders won't be am "amazingly" glowly but then like Race07 thats not the main point.

My version of Rfactor, with the stock cars and stock tracks can handle 63 cars on screen. Its quite something for a game so old but remember it was mainly processor intensive. New shaders are coming for the orignal by some modding team soon.

The GFX cards were left to handle the Ansio' and AA.

Hopefully this time the GFX cards will be left to do more work and the processor only doing the physics.

Turn off all the aids and its one hell of a game to play - although very hard. Its quite easy to play it all arcade like and hammer the gas, esp. with the cheaper set ups with their non-resistance wheels. You have to use a cut tennis ball for more resistance.

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Hello race fans...

I have some exclusive details...

General Product Questions

How will rFactor be released? Online? Steam?

We have our own online distribution system in development.

What are the minimum specs?

We have not yet completed testing. A non-netburst single core CPU above 3.0GHz with SSE2 would work, but a dual core 2.0GHz CPU would be better. 2GB RAM and either nVidia GeForce 8600 or ATI Radeon x1000 Series with 512MB video RAM will be required to take advantage of some features. rFactor 2 will not run on Windows 98, but will run on Microsoft Windows XP, XP 64bit, Vista and 7.

Will rFactor 2 support multiple CPU/GPUs?

Yes to both.

Have you changed your mind about the user file locations mentioned in a previous interview?


Has force feedback been improved?

The force feedback is now much more correct. We are using a separate thread for physics and this has decreased latency. Right now we are working to refine and match for feeling with the new tire model.

Does rFactor 2 support multiple controllers like rFactor did?


Has triple screens support been improved?

Yes. We now also support nVidia 3D vision and virtual screen angles can be adjusted.

Does rFactor 2 support many of the oval specific rules and regulations difficult to simulate with rFactor?

There has been some improvement in this area.

What are the different series that are going to be included?

We have been working on assets for several different styles of racing that are in various states of readiness. Some of these may not make the initial release, but those that don't will be added post-release as we did with rF1. Of course, we'll also be enhancing the released series in the future with more cars and tracks; so there is plenty of content to come. The series that are nearest completion and should be ready in time are:

1960's Historic Racing (includes both open-wheel and hard-top vehicles)

1970's stock car racing

Renault Meganes and Clios

Modern Endurance Racing (multiple vehicle classes)

Open-Wheel Trainers

Formula Renault 3.5

Formula ISI

This list is not definitive--there's always the chance we could hold something if we feel it's under par. Likewise, we could end up finishing something we didn't expect.


Will rFactor 2 be modding friendly like rFactor? What has been done to improve modding? Open script?

Many improvements have been made to make mods easier to find and install. No open script.

Will there be documentation supplied with rFactor 2 or will we have to figure things out ourselves?

Support will be provided and some documents will be provided both with and after the initial release.

How difficult will it be to convert tracks from rFactor to rFactor 2 and be able to make use of the new features available? What about converting without the new features?

Possible, but it will not be as simple as dragging and dropping. Mod groups are going to want to put in some additional effort to take advantage of the new features available for their work.

Are mods going to be easier to install? Can they be packaged?

We are currently testing our new packaging system.


Will there be an in-game lobby filter to make it easier to find races?

A filter is available but the final criteria is not yet set. You will see server information such as pings for sure.

Will rFactor 2 have a ranking system?


Will racers be more accountable for their actions and can server admins manage them?

An online login system should allow more control.

Can I block someone driving with keyboard from joining my race?


Why is the ability to host a race from within the software being taken out?

To ensure a consistently improved online experience.

Have the mismatch issues found in online games been worked on with rFactor 2?


Will there be driver changes?

The fate of this is tied to rejoins (see below).

Can I rejoin a server after being disconnected?

We’ve done some work on this, but it may not be ready for deployment of the initial release.

Can we force tire/part changes in hosting rules like many real-world racing series?

Probably not, but it should eventually be possible to see this information in result exports.

What is the multiplayer client connection limit in a race?

The number of drivers that can join a server at any time depends on how many drivers each specific mod supports (up to 64 most likely). Of course other clients can join as spectators if the server allows them...

Can I voice chat with other racers?

There will be no in-game voice chat. We feel other free programs do this very well and with far more features that we would want to implement.

Can I share setups with individuals/everyone in the race?


Are fixed/forced setups supported?



What effects are planned with rFactor 2?

HDR, bloom, new shadows, ambient occlusion, heat distortion.


Has work been done to improve sound such as echoing in tunnels?

We are working on this right now. Both walls and tunnels.


Can we have glowing/reflective numbers for night racing which is easier than doing it now with rFactor?

No plans for this, but you can do this yourself.

Can cars now make proper wheel to wheel contact?

Yes. We have improved collision detection.

How exactly has the tire model been improved?

The tire model is new and one of the most important features of rFactor 2 which will interact with the new weather and real road models. Real life drivers deal with many changes during an event as they can arrive at any turn and can find themselves with more or less grip than they felt on the previous lap. The tire, track and weather model should allow users to experience many of these changes for the first time.

The tire is now considered to be a separate simulated body to the rim, and the contact patch has a huge increase in processing allowing different and constantly changing levels of heat and wear all around and across the tire. Tires will hold a history of what you’ve done to them and all these factors will give a constantly changing experience in terms of grip, handling and even pit strategy.

The video below gives a basic demonstration of the new tire model and how the contact patch changes shape and holds heat/damage in any abused areas.

Has damage been improved?

We’ve done some work on this but are not yet sure what will be in the initial release. A new feature which may make it would be that paintwork can be scratched/ripped by contact. Tire damage has also been implemented (see above).

When I change tires (or go onto the grass and make them dirty, etc) will the look of the tires change? Will there be visual tire wear?

There will be both physical and visual wear for tires. Dirt and grass pickup not yet decided.


Will there be any laser scanned tracks in rFactor 2?


Will there be pit crew animations?

We have a new skinned animation system that allows for the addition of animated pit crews, and while it is our intention to add this it will probably not be included in the initial release. We will most likely ship with a minimalistic pit crew and then build on that until we have a fully functional crew for the many different types of cars we expect required...

Will tracks have scripted events like the crew jumping onto the pitwall for the finish, a firework show on the first lap or spectators leaping out of the way on a hillclimb or rally stage?

Again, scripted animation events are something we have in the pipeline, but most likely won't make the initial release. The plan that has been talked about it to have events that can trigger other events, and so on. Our animated pit crews will depend on these triggered events so we'll HAVE to add them...

Can I set points where the green flag would be waved for start/restarts?

Currently, we have internal triggers that tell the starter/flagmen when, and what type of flag, to wave. We will be expanding the flagmen functionality post-release, so we could probably add trigger-driven events to the system easily enough.


Will the weather change during a race? Will it affect grip and visual effects as it does?

Yes to both. Weather will affect both your visual and physical experience.

How will the weather effect the drivers view?

There will be fogging, a wet windshield, raindrops and wipers.


Can the A.I. in rFactor 2 have personalities so that one driver is perhaps more aggressive than another?

Yes. AI can be setup individually and overall. In fact if you really wanted to, each driver can have a preferred line around a race track. You can make individual drivers better/worse in qualifying versus the race or even give someone a slow reaction speed at the start.

Will A.I. in a slower GT class let a faster car through?

Blue flag code has been improved, AI should move away from the racing line in appropriate situations.


Will more information be in the files that keep track of laptimes, aids used, weather, etc?

We are currently setup to export XML files which contain some information, but we will be moving towards a JSON system which should allow extraction of information at a much greater depth.

Can more information be on the results, like tire compounds, number of pit stops, etc?

The JSON generated information will evolve (see above).

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Image Space Incorporated’s Scott Juliano has released a new progress report on the company’s progress made with the tracks for the upcoming rFactor 2 simulation.

Scott hints at a massive track that will be part of the new title, can you guess which track it is based on his hints?

First, let me start by apologizing for the lack of updates recently–Luc and I have been buried in the construction of the latest, and what should be final, initial-release track for rF2. I’ve built a version of this track before (never released) and it about put me in my artistic grave. No, I’m not going to tell you what it is–this one is a surprise but I’ll give you a couple of hints though:

1) This track is a monster to build for a full team, let alone an environment art team of two. But Luc and I have it under control now and are making good progress…

2) This is another historic track, so it’s not the typical, modern design…

So, other than this work, Luc and I had another pass on the other tracks (still a couple left to do) to add some more things, clean up some issues, etc. There’s still a bit more we’d LIKE to do, but if we had to ship today I’m happy with the base art.

If you’ve read the Q&A that Tim put up today, one of the items that should be of interest visually is the question about post effects. We have good first passes for HDR and SSAO, but we won’t be showing anything of them until we have something we’re happy with, and have Bloom working in tandem with HDR. Honestly, the main graphic feature the newer titles have over us right now are the post effects (look at some of the titles with those effects turned off and you’ll see what I mean). I feel our geometry usage and texturing are up to par, and once we have these effects in place I think we’ll have a really good looking sim. And the beauty is that we’re going to add and add to rF2, so I’m not worried about what we may not have initially–it’ll get there…

There’s not much to talk about other than that–all our time has really been consumed by this last track and other odds and ends, and the programmers have been busy adding and refining features. Speaking of which, the new tire model is really amazing, to be quite honest. I have a VERY hard time now driving with the old model–it just doesn’t feel nearly as good. I think rF2’s claim to fame is going to be the way it feels to drive and race, in my opinion….

Wonder what it'll be...

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LOL, Shite o'clock. ;)

Seriously though I assume this is still a long way from release.

Not that far. The graphics are probably indcative of what you'll get - prehaps with some effects added or prehaps not.

Anyway, it looks not too far off F1 2012 - i mean they're not renders...


But bear in mind it does many disciplines too.

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This is the game with (according to rllmuk's clarkson)...poor graphics..





So Meerman buddy, STFU and buy a PC. Lets see how dedicated you REALLY are to the motor racing genre.

None of this "i look at a screen all day" BS..

A screen is a screen. You can't deny at 1080p this would look amazing on your TV with a few pounds spent towards a decent PC.

Frankly, that looks amazing and blows a few spots off Forza 4 IMO.

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