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Yeah that'll be it. :)


I'm sure with fruit though that wild yeasts live on the skin and you've got to do something to get rid of that before you add the fruit (think a lot of people freeze the fruit). I've never been interested in brewing with fruit though as it seems like such a faff.


So my latest beer fermented down to around 1.018 incredibly quickly, from 1.050. Definitely under attenuated, possibly stuck, so I gave it a good shake and chucked some Citra pellets in to hopefully get it going again. No luck though, so I'm chilling it now. Will bottle it as usual but I'm going to use PET bottles just in case it restarts in the bottle. It tastes pretty nice at least, albeit too sweet.

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Freezing won't do much - you'll want to pasteurise, which is pretty easy to do if you have a sous vide wand - just stick it to 60 degrees and throw the bag in for an hour.

It could also be that the preservatives in the fruit have inhibited the yeast, or created the off flavours. I do a lot of fruited beers and the only time I've had a bad infection was when I left some wort for a couple of days and it ended up reeking of vomit. 

Because I'm mostly doing sour beers they are already protected against the worst stuff so any infection I get just saves me pitching the yeast.

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12 hours ago, minstrels said:

I'm sure with fruit though that wild yeasts live on the skin and you've got to do something to get rid of that before you add the fruit (think a lot of people freeze the fruit)

It won’t be that, only one of the three batches (one base beer) had fruit added and they were all equally infected (as far as how they have behaved, anyway).

I’ve dumped the lot as it’s all at the “gusher, but at a push, you could drink one” stage, and about to move into “oh my God, there’s so much broken glass” phase.


I took a gravity reading for shits and giggles; the IPA has dropped 4-5 points since bottling, which (short of a diastaticus cross-contamination from the saison) could only come from naughty bugs.


A successful failure, anyway. I’m now drinking a commercial beer after a week of nothing but increasingly awful infected homebrew, it’s so nice! :lol:

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Ingredients arrived today for a hefeweizen brew, not sure what day yet, may just do it tomorrow evening.




Also had a new toy arrive that I'll get to play with next time I brew. :D




Bottling the Citra pale either tonight or tomorrow night, had it chilling for 5 days now. Bottling it into PET bottles as I'm a bit worried about it going into bottle as the FG is way too high. They can hold 10 volumes, worst case is gushers but definitely no exploding bottles. I'm probably going to keep using them actually, they'll be perfect for the hefeweizen as I'll be priming that for 3-3.5 volumes which would be about the limit of a regular glass beer bottle.

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Making a yeast starter for the first time, for my California Common on Sunday. I think I’ll just do a few extra packs of yeast next time, but it’s nice to learn how.



Years of chronic, seven times a day masturbation have given me the forearm stamina to really aerate the wort.

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Brew day! My numbers were all over the shop- my steeped grains seemed to add 20 points to the gravity, which is completely unexpected from what I put in Brewfather, but I just lowered the final extract amount I put in.


Should make a lovely 4.8% California Common.





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Can highly recommend a proper Erlenmeyer flask for yeast starters. You can stick them right on your hob and then right into an ice bath and they'll handle it no problem.


I brewed on Friday night, a weissbier this time. Pretty smooth brew this time, my plate chiller had me down to pitching temp in 10 minutes which is incredible. Ended up a bit low on volume and high on gravity, which I've only just realised is because I forgot to add some water back after the mash was done. Literally hit me earlier this afternoon, 48 hours after brewing. :lol:





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