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Nintendo 3DS - first thread


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It's so sexy :wub:

Charging it now.

So has *anyone* had their Amazon order update at all? Both of my 3DS orders (one from Jan, one a few days back) are still on 'Not Yet Despatched' :( :( :(

Mine arrived :)

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So has *anyone* had their Amazon order update at all? Both of my 3DS orders (one from Jan, one a few days back) are still on 'Not Yet Despatched' :( :( :(

Console still sat there just like your ones yet the rest of the bundle is dispatching soon.

My Pilotwings arrived from Zavvi today so at least I will have a game manual to read tonight. Oh well...Crysis 2 is currently installing so that will keep me occupied.

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So has *anyone* had their Amazon order update at all? Both of my 3DS orders (one from Jan, one a few days back) are still on 'Not Yet Despatched' :( :( :(

Mine has been despatched but is sitting in some shitty sorting depot at the minute :angry:

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Just reading a guy on NTSC uk who opened his delivery -the games and console had been nicked from the boxes. The TNT driver had ripped open and resealed the bag apparantly.

Thought it would be worth a heads up for anyone with a tnt delivery.

When I got my original DSlite imported from Japan there was no console in the box :lol:

I can laugh about it now but was so pissed off at the time. Luckily Lik-Sang issued me with a replacement without any hassle.

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I know, shame on Amazon for posting them out today to be delivered on the actual release date


My 3DS arrived from amazon this morning. It's great! Everyone in the office has been totally wowed by the AR games, this thing is going to be a massive hit.

Everything else in the amazon bundle offer has failed to arrive however :(

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NGamer's launch day verdicts:

Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition

New features aside, SSFIV3D's strength lies in its eerie fidelity to the original version of the game. A year since its first release, this is still one of the deepest, most graceful and exciting fighting games around - and now you can play it on the loo. (87%)

Ridge Racer 3D

Gorgeous, detailed, super-fast and loveably mad - Ridge Racer is very welcome on a Nintendo handheld. Genuinely exhilarating stuff. If this is just the beginning, we can expect great things. (86%)

Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 3D

We're still torn whether to play top-to-bottom with 3D on or side-to-side with 3D off. Either way, this is the best PES on any format in ages. (85%)

Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars

Hideously addictive, it's the kind of game that'll have you replaying missions in your sleep. If you like Advance Wars or Fire Emblem, this is the 3DS game for you. (84%)

Nintendogs + Cats

It's a better looking, better functioning version of the original (voice recognition is noticeably improved). It's forgiving and accessible, almost to a fault, but rewards investment with those idiosyncratic moments Nintendo do so well. (80%)

Samurai Warriors: Chronicles

A writhing mass of contradictions. Dumb AI vs smart combat. Small fights vs epic scale. Historical fact vs magical super powers. Somewhere in the middle of all that is a game that'll grip a few of you for weeks to come. Niche, but nice. (79%)

Pilotwings Resort

Beautiful to look at, very nice to play, but disappointingly light on content. Perfect for launch day, and maybe the day after, too, but it feels so limited. (75%)

Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars

Handheld Lego has never looked, sounded or handled this well before. But the action feels restricted to thin corridors, with character abilities curtailed to fit the reduced space. We'd wait for the more assured Lego Pirates instead. (64%)

Super Monkey Ball 3D

It's more of an ideological problem than a technical fault: once a shrine to skill and precision, Monkey Ball has grown flabby and gutless. A real shame. (60%)

Rayman 3D

A loveless port of a timeworn platformer, which lacks any artistic or creative reason to exist. Do we even need to tell you to wait for Mario 3DS? (58%)

Splinter Cell 3D

Dark, dreary and awkward. You'd have more fun spending the afternoon trying to pronounce the noise Fisher's goggles make. Pyooooaeeeee? (48%)

Asphalt 3D

When we landed behind a tree and the car got completely stuck, the engine noise carried on regardless. It sounded like the driver was changing gears while stationary. This game is hopeless. (30%)

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Against my pre-release expectations, I think I love everything about 3DS - and I haven't puked or had to worry about my eyes once.

The 3D in PES is the most impressive for me so far and I'm getting on quite well with its player cam.

I'm glad I managed to keep away from all those game store demos. Face Raiders and the AR stuff provide enough wow factor on their own. Get shitted on, dragon.

I never want to grow out of games when there are days like this.

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A quick test play of Pilotwings proves my initial thought that 3D does not work for me at all much like the cinema experience it all looks slightly out of focus. Hopefully this won't be game breaking for me in later 3DS releases.

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