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Minecraft - Caves and Cliffs Pt. 1 update out now


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Are all lava blocks source blocks?

I've suddenly developed a burning desire to make twin lava waterfalls falling into a lava moat around my mountain hideout.

Or maybe recreating the Cadbury's Dairy Milk logo, but with lava instead of milk

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Noticed that a lot of us had the default skin when we were standing around waiting to be blown to heaven last night.

It's much easier than I thought to edit and change your skin, so for people who haven't tried, go here:


And although I just used Photoshop, this looks like it would be useful for PC users to skin and preview:


Last night was the first time I logged in. I set my new skin this lunchtime :)

I don't quite understand how the skin file does elevated parts like the rim of Joyrex's hat etc.

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The stade de Muck is completed





The East stand is an all seater and the most modern stand.


The north end is a terrace and it was left to keep a nice view of the ocean.


The west stand is the largest stand and houses the dressing rooms several bars and more to be added soon.


The south stand was the first seated stand to be built and the west stand is modeled after it.


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So Nicky thought it would be smart to remove 2 layers of sand by placing 21 TNT blocks. A bit of an overkill perhaps?


Then we got it fixed:


But then this:


So thankfully that was taken care of as well and it all returned to normal pretty soon:


If you're a griefer, say cheese!


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