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Minecraft - Caves and Cliffs Pt. 1 update out now


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!compass on the server gives a direction and distance.

So could it be possible to leave a chest somewhere and list on the forum (or on a sign in the game) the direction and distance for someone to work out where it is from the spawn point?

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Thanks Alex. I can never get that to run it crashes on all my maps :(

Are you a big fan of signs at all? Saw this on the Minecraft reddit today:

Cartographer crashes if you have any sign that has the word 'Blocks' on it.. Another comment adds that it will crash if you have a sign containing any of the quoted words on this page.

The developer posted that it's now fixed.

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Guys if it hasn't already been done, feel free to take down the castle mark out area (below the plane) and do what you will with it. I just don't have the time!

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Noticed that a lot of us had the default skin when we were standing around waiting to be blown to heaven last night.

It's much easier than I thought to edit and change your skin, so for people who haven't tried, go here:


And although I just used Photoshop, this looks like it would be useful for PC users to skin and preview:


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Zod has resumed normal service.

You'll be fascinated to know I've added a server restart into the mapgen batch job. This might make it run slightly quicker but the real reason is to kick the server in the balls once a day - which seems to help with stability. The server code riddled with memory leaks I think, so anything more than 24 hours of continuous use is asking a lot from it.

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