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Minecraft - Caves and Cliffs Pt. 1 update out now


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Well it's time for me to go, had enough of this forum and the abuse i get. decided tonight id go out with a bang haaha!












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Oh, shit. Maybe I shouldn't have ruined the stadium in retaliation? :blink::facepalm:

We aren't buying such obvious tomfoolery.

Fneeb your house was made of wood and near the cathedral. LET IT ALL BURN MWAHAHA.

Wish I'd done the football ground now too, bah!

Took me long enough though, and I accidentally blew up the train station. I'd rigged it and was going to chain onto the cathedral and a creeper got in. :lol:

Yeah I didn't know how to turn off the monsters with the editor...although when I rigged up the Mario stars pixel art at the bottom of the cathedral i put it too close to the lava and it sparked...totally my own fault! :P

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That's my waterborne mine (centre), my craft house and forge (in the paddock on the right), my wheat farm (above the paddock), and off to the left are two beacons marking interesting locations. The first small one is a thirty block straight shaft through the earth. I worked my way down by excavating a spiral path down the slide and using some ladders, and it's got darkness and zombies at the base. I'll be back there to explore in due course. The other, big beacon is an inland area I've finally explored more thoroughly. Turns out it's a huge rock arch over a pool of water replenished by two sources, with a constant lava flow into one side. One of the water sources flow slowly out of a dark, intriguing cave. And the dinky light on the coast is my spawn point, where I've put up a jetty, some provisions, and a boat.

I think I'm switching from a building to exploring phase now.

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Mac store is now viewable on the map if you want to see the distance. I'm thinking of founding a town along the route to the stadium

vaya-land it will be called and disciple won't be allowed in it.

It looks so small from a distance. The stadium took me about 15 minutes from the apple store.. that's one hell of a path.

Currently building a casino near the apple store. You can't miss it, it's a horrible colour.

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Thanks Alex. I can never get that to run it crashes on all my maps :(

I've finished off therev's avatar, now I know how it feels to be a flood-fill algorithm :P


RIP dude :(

I would +1 this if I could. looks awesome and is a great memorial to an awesome guy :)

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Has anyone saved various versions of the overhead map? I'd love to see a time-lapse. The other day I warped to the spawn, and turned around and actually noticed that "Hall of Rllmuk" that someone built on the first night of the server - it feels insane to think that huge empty land is the same one with all this stuff in it now.

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