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Minecraft - Caves and Cliffs Pt. 1 update out now


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Isn't it possibleto set up the admin thing to totally restrict 'guests'? ie so all they can do is walk around, not even mine or anything?

And revlob, ice won't melt if you spawn it, I don't think, but it's more white than blue, iirc.

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Isn't it possibleto set up the admin thing to totally restrict 'guests'? ie so all they can do is walk around, not even mine or anything?

The game (server software) needs an observer mode, currently I don't think there's a way to take away a player's interaction rights.

And revlob, ice won't melt if you spawn it, I don't think, but it's more white than blue, iirc.

It's definitely a light blue in the default texture set. Maybe you're thinking of snow?

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I've let the folks over on BeeX know about our plans, and it looks like you're going to get some help :)

It seems an amazing community over there, and there's so much love for therev. They have a lot of Minecraft players who were really impressed with his creations, so I think it's safe to say they will be watched over :)

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As a Beex person and sometimes Minecraft player, I think I can speak for the forum and say that his stuff will be preserved. Fear not! I think our Minecraft server admin is going to be over here at some point too.

The swan dive in his castle is amazing BTW!

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I'd quite like to help build this memorial to Rev, he was a nice bloke - I watched Nicky and Rev building the cathedral roof together it was amazing seeing them way up there chatting away and discussing the plans. For some reason that's really stuck in my mind. It was the first time i'd played multiplayer in MC and I think I was just amazed that you could build together.

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Welcome to Chasers


Hard day mining? Just been griefed? Let your hair down at the only Nightclub worth visiting.

CHASERS Only £5 entrance, free before 10 and Wonderbra's get in FREE.


Main dance floor with feature 'window wall' and Cloak Room facilities you really have nothing to worry about, we've got it covered! (£1 per item)


Take advantage of our fully stocked bar. Fosters only £4.50 a pint!


Resident DJ's spinning the latest tracks till the early hours around the club!


Don't fear Cancer? Then you can make the most of our smokers balcony!


Not Rif-Raf? VIPs get their own bar under a beautiful waterfall


GET YOUR SPEEDOS ON! And hang out in our pool bar!


Or heat things up on our Lava Dancefloor©


So come on down, we're open 24hrs and the music is always pumping.

Also, the place is full of fanny.

Follow Comrades road NW of the cathedral.

(Launch Party TBC)

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Yeah, platform 3 is for the island. Alternatively, go /home, look out to sea for the wooden bridge to the left and follow that.

elmo- knock together a train station where you want it, bagsie a platform at Grand Central and we'll start putting together the route. No drinking on the minecart though.

Still not sure whether to have a true spider system i.e. each platform has one destination and all tracks lead to Grand Central, or whether to have them directional for routes like the New Comradia road, where there could be a train to Chasers, then a train from there to the 1up, then from there to the wickerman etc. (or possibly in this case just from Chasers to New Comradia via the 1up, wickerman and volcano as they're just scenery) I'm leaning towards the latter, it would save a vast amount of work, and would mean that the route would be nicer because we wouldn't have to stack them on top of each other to save space through Fangorn. Would take longer to get there though.

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ive started work on a white version of therev's angel on Memorial Isle i've tried to get the dimensions right, but it needs the wings added.

please please please feel free to chip in and finish it off. follow the track from the station.


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We finished it :)

post-387-019820100 1287104920_thumb.jpg

post-387-045715400 1287104887_thumb.jpg

It is accurate block-to-block to the original.

post-387-084719900 1287104901_thumb.jpg

I also built a viewing platform to admire it from, unfortunately it spoils the view a bit at long distance from one side so we might need to take it down.

I added some torches and a path too. Someone made a memorial wall, nice idea. Nicky and revlob (and probably others) also made a good job of making the island look pretty, and great job on starting the angel, your dimensions were spot on!

post-387-036179300 1287105345_thumb.jpg

On the other end of the viewing platform I built a diving board out over the sea, a bit of light heartedness to remind you that life can be good too!

post-387-071411800 1287105366_thumb.jpg

post-387-001336400 1287105373_thumb.jpg

Tonight I also helped a bit with the stadium stand foundations, and lit up the blimp (I know it's not finished yet but I enjoy lighting things up!). I also started to make a scoreboard in the ocean next to the stadium but couldn't be bothered to make foundations beyond the island, so feel free to expand it and add a dash and another number!

Can't wait for Disciple to log back in :P

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Got to bed at 11. Woke up at 1:30. Couldn't sleep. Brilliant...

Logged into the stadium. The back of the East stand is awesome! More top work!

As for the scoreboard; I was confused as to why someone had put "10" in the sea...:P

I was considering a clock, somewhere. I wanted it to be a working one, Alan reckons it just won't work though. Boo...

Amazing stuff as always, want to find the angel now :)

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Oh also just walked around the Cathedral a bit, amazing! Lovely golden road and windy path with trees, flowers, etc. Wonderful!

Inside it was my first view of the pixel art. Totally love it.

Cathedral suggestion; perhaps the western end could have a few adjoining rooms - not low ceiling or such, more large archways, etc? Just an idea; I'm sure in many a Cathedral we'd see similar (not that we have to copy, just thought it might break it up a bit and make it see bigger, L-Space and all that...)

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