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Minecraft - Caves and Cliffs Pt. 1 update out now


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This might be a very techie answer, but if they're both connected to the same WiFi SSID on the same access point, can you check that "AP Isolation" is NOT enabled on the access point? AP Isolation prevents clients on a WiFi LAN from talking to each other. It's useful in hotels etc. where you don't want guests hacking each others' computers over WiFi.

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Errrrr ok. :)

I'll look into this, but it worked fine before the update.

When we used to look at the game worlds the top one would show up as 'connectable' if it was running on the other iPad.

If it worked fine before you updated the game and noone has changed anything on the WiFi network, I wouldn't worry about the WiFi configuration then :)

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Started a new world up on 360 after the update. I've forgotten how relaxing this game is! All I've done is make a farm and build a house, but I've been playing it for the last three days.

I started watching a chap on twitch called wyld. He was using a mod (launcher?) with a load of new blocks. Different types of furnaces, compressors etc. Looked confusing as hell and really involved. He had a pickaxe that when it destroyed a block, the block was drawn back to you so it automatically collected it!

I need to sort my pc out so I can play it on there. Size of the world definitely restricts the 360 version.

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Introducing my 4 yo to Stampy over the weekend was possibly one of the dullest and stupefying things I’ve done :) It didn’t take long for my dad-reaction of ‘why don’t you play outside’ to kick in, both for my son AND Stampy, and it got me thinking what the real-world equivalent of a Minecraft: Let’s Play video would be like. Might be quite fun! You will need…

  • A friend who owns woodland.
  • 1 or 2 friends in silly masks.
  • First-person POV.
  • Everyone bounces around, does crouchy bows, waves right arm in little circles.
  • Show audience your ‘world’, dig holes, build treehouses

Then I realised the ultimate ‘Minecraft: Let’s Play in Real Life’ might already have been filmed, in the form of Colin Furze’s bunker: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KO25JYAaJC0 :lol::lol::lol:

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Stampy is too busy rolling in money to want to go outside, I think.

Absolute genius idea of his to cut out swearing and try to appeal to the younger kids demographic. He flat out cornered the market. (Bizarrely, he has still left up a few of his older videos online where he swears).


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On 18 April 2016 at 10:10 PM, Theholyhogg said:

Is there like a server that us guys on rllmuk can join and make a house and come back on it another day? 


On 19 April 2016 at 8:14 AM, LaParka said:

Don't know how servers and stuff works but I'd be up for that :)


There was a map that the forum had going for a long time ages and ages ago - like, before 1.0 was released. I think after 1.0 'we' restarted the server, but the spawn was in a huge jungle biome which made building overly difficult and not a lot of fun.


I've been floating the idea in my head recently of buying a Realm (Mojang speak for a server) and re-uploading the first ever forum map, but I don't know how many people would actually want to play versus the on-going cost.

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I have a realm.. no idea why I just tool about in it really havent done much for a while. I had an idea of a world for me and my son to build in but he is off minecraft now. I see the £5 go out each month and think that I probably should consider dropping it but its nice to have a sandbox whenever i get urge to mine. I haven't even tried the new 1.9 combat update yet :)


More specifically Realms are limited to 20 users whitelisted and a max of 10 online at any one time. So if you have more than 20 people wanting to play it might be a problem. You can have 3 "worlds" (maps) within your realm but only one can be active at any one time. Backups are automatic and you can upload or download the map at any time.


If people wanted to start up a new world I could easily devote a world on my realm to it if there is sufficient interest, as I say I never really use it and it might encourage me to play :)

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Reeeeeet then.


Please see above few posts nice tagged people! :) Basically - would you like to mine and craft on the original pre-1.0 server again? Or are you long done with this game?



@dizogg (Assume you were Dizcorp)





Doc (many people with name Doc, erm...)






God of Cheeky









@Vaya (or @Vaya.?)


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I'd love to have a pootle around the old server - is this the one with the football stadium or the one with New New Mukville and Old New Mukville? Can't say if I'd be on there long-term, but I'd definitely check it out.

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17 hours ago, mdn2 said:

So apparently Minecraft has sold 100 million copies. 




That's insane. However, considering I own 3 versions and don't love it to the extent many people do, I can understand that number.


Although that still means it hasn't grossed what MS paid for it, if my maths is accurate.

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I know it shouldn't matter in the slightest, but my opinion of Minecraft will now always be slightly affected by how Notch had a misogynist gamergate meltdown. I wouldn't be able to get the image out of my head of Notch sat all alone in his massive mansion, getting angrier and angrier about the SJW conspiracy to destroy men.


Haven't played Minecraft in over a year, mind you.

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19 hours ago, RubberJohnny said:

I've got too much to play at the moment, plus I've probably lost my account details...


That's a shame! Post again if you change your mind.


6 hours ago, Comrade said:

I'd love to have a pootle around the old server - is this the one with the football stadium or the one with New New Mukville and Old New Mukville? Can't say if I'd be on there long-term, but I'd definitely check it out.


It's the latter with the Old New and New New towns. 

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I doubt it'll happen, Minecraft doesn't appear to have peaked yet. It was on 60 million when Notch sold it and it's 106 million now, from 10,000 a day to nearly 30,000. Plus Microsofts main aim at the moment seems to be rebuilding the engine in C++ so it actually performs well.


Once they've done that I reckon you'll see expansions that can add new stuff that the old engine couldn't really handle, like vehicles and stuff.

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