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Minecraft - Caves and Cliffs Pt. 1 update out now


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Well if you make a free account you can play multiplayer.

If you play SP you have to go on the website to start the applet but if you get disconnected you can keep playing.

There are 5 modes at the moment:

Creative - free making stuff with infinite blocks can't cloud save unless you've got a members account though i think saving files works though.

Multiplayer - Free mode with an account needed: Multiplayer creative with a persistent server, watch out for griefers.

Survival - Free mode, no acct needed. A scored mode where you can defend from monsters but have to gather materials to actually make (break stone for a stone block etc)

Indev - A development build of Notchs (the devs) progress adding more features to survival. There are weapons, more monsters, per block lighting, inventory, crafting, tools and exploration. This mode is kind of on hold and stable while he works on...

Infdev - A development build in an early stage where Notch is creating an infinite world generation system. It'll save out maps you've passed through and generate new terrain on the fly. It's not technically infinite due to floating point rounding errors apparently, but it rounds down to about 8 times the surface of the earth. The indev and infdev changes are supposed to be rolled out multiplayer in the future which will provide all forms of totally awesome.

Been playing this on-off for a few months, Indev provides the most entertainment for me, when night falls the beasties come out and you'd better have somewhere safe to hide!

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  • 4 months later...

I'm going to bump this since it didn't really get much interest last time.

Notch got a big plug from Valve that boosted sales to over 1,000 in 24 hours.

There's been a metric shit-ton of updates to Survival Mode:

New Bricks and Blocks! New Plants! Snow! Cows! Chickens! Downloadable Clients (legit ones)! Powered Minecarts! Storage Minecarts! Rideable Minecarts!

Boats! That can make waterslides! New Enemies!

But the big one:

Multiplayer Survival!


Still buggy and in testing, but there are servers up and you can play online.

Unfortunately none of this stuff is in the version playable for free on the website, and in fact the website does a really poor job selling the game, or even describing it in general. If you want it, you have to get the Alpha for like $11, which will go up to $17-18 when it reaches Beta and $25 when the game is finished.

It's totally worth it now, I've had more fun with this alpha and played it longer than with many full-price retail games, plus there's an update every Friday! This thread, for example, is 329 pages of unanimous praise that gets hundreds of posts a day - for an alpha! The only people who regret buying it are those who can no longer sleep because they can't stop playing. I'm being serious.

More random pics:


Funky terrain.


A city.

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I've been playing this loads over the last couple of weeks, the survival mode is great fun, loads better than the original free version and he's adding stacks of stuff in every friday, last week he added chickens and powered minecarts, which means you can make crude rollercoasters now.

I've spent 2 weeks constructing a massive statue outside of my house while constructing/helping a massive tree grow that I'm going to expand into a treehouse, elsewhere I mined to the bottom of the map and build a staircase to the bottom, then when searching for diamonds, got greedy and flooded part of the floor with Lava before I was able to brick off the spill.

I'll stick some of my screenshots up later (at work at the moment), but its a total bargain at under a tenner at the moment, I would be ASTONISHED if it doesn't get picked up (like mount and blade) by someone soon as it's getting a lot of visibility at the moment (witness the big thread on neogaf as well for example, that hasn't moved off the front page of their forums for about 2 weeks!)

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Started yet another game tonight...

Spawn in and quickly get some wood, earth and sand before having a hunt for any potential locations. Then scout around a bit before I find the following location, some promising trees I can cultivate into one massive tree for a possible future building project, and some coal in the open stone bit below to provide torches and fuel for a furnace:


Run out of time after the scouting so decide to hide on top of a pillar overnight, zombies, creepers and skeletons moan and groan around me on the ground:


When daylight hits I quickly construct a temporary earthwork for safety, then begin excavations inside to provide some stone while I get to smelting some glass etc:


After a couple of nights with my furnace running to get some nice stone, I rebuild the original hovel into a slightly more upmarket and secure keep, placing more torches to keep the undesirables away!


BONUS PICTURE! Applied the 3d Heroes terrain mod:


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I've been watching a guy on justin.tv building his world as well as an underwater city he has been creating. It is strangely compelling watching a world come to life. I keep meaning to try and get into it as my cousin has been one of the mods at the official forums for years and has been banging on about this game for ages.

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About 10/15 minutes for the day/night cycle.

Mobs come out at night (and spawn in caves). You have zombies and spiders who melee you, creepers who will explode if they get close to you (blowing holes in the terrain!) and skeletons that will attack from range with bows. Most will dissapear during the day (and zombies burn until they die) but it's always a good idea to get some coal and wood to make torches to light up an area you're working in as it will keep most mobs away at night and in caves.

They can break down doors, and sometimes creepers will blow up if they are close to the wall and you are close inside, I've had a wall blown out of my house that way.

You can farm materials to make armour, swords and bows and arrows (for example, leather from cows, feathers from chickens, smelt iron ore into iron for better armour etc etc).

You can make crude traps as well at the moment, but nothing complicated.

EDIT - I'll post some pictures of the mine I'm building inside the building above tonight, basically I've been building a large staircase down with the intention of then branching that off at certain levels to hunt for ore, but hit a cave system and started hearing moaning and groaning so ran off and built a door at the top of the staircase just in case!

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I sound like a mentalist when trying to explain to people at work why I played it for 5 hours at a time!

It connects to update, but otherwise the current version is one player offline, as Rubberjohnny mentions they've just (last week) started the multiplayer testing which has loads of bugs, no mobs etc.

From the start you can basically dig with your hands, but only dirt, sand and trees will give you drops (beyond killing things like pigs and cows that is). Once you've got some wood, you can then craft it into planks, then you can use the planks to build a workbench which gives you a 3 x 3 crafting grid (without it you've only got a 2 x 2 one). This allows you to make wooden shovels, pickaxes, swords and scythes. Once you've got the wooden pickaxe you can mine stone, coal, iron etc which you can then use to make a furnace to smelt sand into glas, iron ore in iron bars etc etc.

Note that you have a whole load of ores, some of which require better equipment such as stone or iron pickaxes.

You can also plant stuff, so I've been gathering trees from the other side of the area above and getting saplings which I'm planting back in that area you can see to the left so I can grow a few trees and then go mental building a massive treehouse.

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See I tried the free version of this and really didn't get it. I just thought you ended up digging - and that seemed boring. Trees/etc seems fun - potentially a smaller scale first person Dwarf Fortress?

The whole issue for me is bothering making things in 3d/not getting them wrong! I'd end up throwing my toys out of the pram if I did...

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I'm also playing this. It's an odd one. I watched this guy playing on Justin.tv who had been streaming live for about 60 hours one week just playing Minecraft. As I was watching him, I couldn't help thinking that Minecraft is just a poorly designed 3D modelling package, disguised as a game. What he achieved in 60+ hours, you could probably do in less than a day in Maya or something else.

However, that's not really the point.

I don't yet consider Minecraft as much of a "game" as Dwarf Fortress, as (until we get stuck in to Multiplayer) you're on your own, just carving out an existence in this blocky 3D world. There are enemies, and most of the ones I've encountered can kill you within a few seconds. The combat is arse anyway. I'd guess the developer is choosing to make multiplayer servers rather than trying to write the AI for inhabitants who form part of your team.

I paid 9Euro for it, and I notice that the guy has about 48,000 sales listed on his site. That's almost half a million Euros in sales before it even reaches Beta.

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I never played the free one, I'm playing the alpha version. I think you have to spawn the stuff in the free version, I can't access the forum at work but if you check on the official forums for the free version they've probably got the commands listed.

I agree there's not loads to the "game" side of it, as I say I sound crazy when trying to describe it to mates at work "Yeah you can dig holes and make stuff, it's a bit like lego" but there's just something about it that keeps me playing, hell half the time I'm just digging! I think it's the fact that you've got this completely generated world you can explore and no-one else has seen it before.

Also, on getting stuff wrong, most of the time if you stick a block in the wrong place, or put the workbench somewhere and decide it doesn't look right, you can destroy them and relay them - so for example I put a chest in the wrong place, bashed it until it was destroyed, picked it up (it pops out of the destroyed item as an item you can re lay) and put it somewhere else. You don't tend to lose stuff once you've made it.

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It is sort of a bit Dwarf Fortress-y and a bit Roguelike-ish too.

Once you've got a basic base set up it becomes about getting better resources like iron, gold, diamond, redstone, or just working on fun projects. You could dig a shaft into the ground to find them, but your chance of encountering them is probably quite low, you could strip mine, but that's slow.

Really you want to get a weapon and a suit of armour, some food and as many torches as you can carry and head into a cave (since there's simply more surface area and more chance of seeing deposits). You can use the torches to illuminate the cave (currently no way of illuminating around your character), and battle through the enemies, and when you return to the surface you can start again at where you left off, since monsters only spawn in darkness the areas you've been through have been "made safe". There are even dungeon rooms with random loot and monster spawners.

Also combat is fucking terrifying for some reason, even though I don't get scared by survival horror. Enemies are creepy, deadly and when it's dark it really is dark. If you die you drop everything that you're carrying (you can craft chests and put them in your house to store stuff) and you have five minutes to get back to where it is before it despawns. The fact that enemies don't really siege your base, and that you have infinite lives, and it's quite quick and easy to set up a base make it much more casual than a Roguelike though.

Did I mention that there's been a series of logic things that allow people to make switches and traps and mechanisms, and of course,

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Oh neat, I was considering making a thread about this if there wasnt one :)

This game is seriously addictive...and time consuming, I spent about 4 hours yesterday building a 'lighthouse' on my little island.

Multiplayer officially just went live yesterday but its very buggy at the moment, hopefully Notch can get some fixes when returns from Germany.

I'm definitely going to have to try that 3D dot game heroes texture, looks good. I haven't applied any texture packs yet, is it easy to change back and forth between texture packs and the original?

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This is a pretty good video for learning the basics of the non-free, survival mode (there's a part 2 if you need it and this is not my work):

Initially the learning curve can be steep, but once you've survived the first night you should get it. Then things like the wiki come into play, for crafting recipes, info on block types, etc. Unless you want to work it out for yourself.

The free version is good fun but not much more than a glorified Lego set. It might be more interesting to try a multiplayer server first, to see what other people get up to. Assuming you can find out that isn't locked down so much you can't see or do anything. Griefing can be a big problem.

Survival multiplayer is purely for testing at the moment. Many of the important features are missing or broken. The dev, Notch, has promised major improvements over this month. Although the server software itself works surprisingly well for an initial release.

I am Minecraft obsessed.

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Got this today and I'm hooked. Quickly crafted some tools together and set about finding a place to call my home, shortly after blocking myself into a cave I begun some construction work and I've been there since. I'm yet to explore or even see the outside world yet, though I've made a little window and I'm waiting for the night to pass before I head out and find some more resources.

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